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Eye medicine
So far could we give the necessary medicine only as syringe or tablet over small depot caps, which are implanted directly into the eye, can medicine materials now aim and with depotwirkung directly to the disease stove bring to herd of disease in the eye purposefully with medicine materials to treat? and over years. Carry the small plastic caps, the private lecturer Dr. Lars Lars-Olaf having brook for his patient out at the university University of Frankfurt/Main implant. From the medicine carriers patients with Uveitis possibly profit, to a dangerous chronic eye inflammation. "so far we could give the necessary medicines (for example Kortison) only as syringe or tablet", report having brook. The disadvantage to it is that the substances work then only at short notice. Up to three years depotwirkung the supply in the medicine carrier holds against it up to three years. "with it the active substance level is in the eye always equivalent lasting highly", like that having brook. Treatment success with Uveitis is examined now in an international study, in which eight German ophthalmic clinics are involved. Hope for Diabetiker parallel work the vigorous one already on a further operational area: "the pill in the eye could make it for the first time possible to treat the feared diabetische retina illness with medicines? in addition to the established laser therapy ", having brook hopes. Thus the active substance comes into the eye of the medicine carriers into the glass body of the eye is inserted and at the inner wall of the eyeball embodied.








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