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Screen handling

Ever more frequently: the "office eye syndrome"

Staring for hours at the screen lets the eyes drain. They infect themselves more easily, in extreme cases are even vision in danger. We have Tipps against the "office eye syndrome"

Each fifth patient, who visits an optician in Germany, complains about itching, burning and extremely photo-sensitive eyes. Most frequent reasons: The eyes do not have too little tear liquid or the composition of the tear film tune no more. Syndrome of the dry eye is called suffering.

The complaints are not annoying only. Without treatment the natural strength of the eye can be lowered against pathogens such as Herpesviren.

If the tear film is decreased, the cornea/callosity roughens itself up in extreme cases, which often leads to visual disturbances.


Ever more frequently: the "office eye syndrome"

There are causes for dry eyes many. Ever more frequently changed conditions of work and environmental play a role: Work on the screen (particularly in connection with eye bad positions) and dry air in air-conditioned areas load the eyes. With the screen handling for example reduces the eyelid impact, which tear film not renewed in the correct distances. The Americans call the complaints therefore "Office Eye syndromes", the "office eye syndrome". In the last years the number of the gotten sick ones rose strongly. Studies in Canada, Japan and in the US Federal State Maryland resulted in that already 15 to 25 per cent of the population at the symptoms of the dry eye suffers.

In the case of doubt to the optician

Beyond that a set of illnesses leads to dry eyes. Changes in the eye like anomalies of the eyelids, scars on the cornea/callosity or changes in the tear gland can be exactly the same debt like metabolic illnesses (for example diabetes), rheumatism or pronounced Vitamin A lack. Women are particularly frequently concerned after the change years. The hormoneal changes in this time let the mucous membranes become drier and affect with many women also tear production. Also women, who take the pill, complain frequently about dry eyes. Because the causes are so various, you should let persistent complaints of the optician clarify.

Which you to do can do

Provide for sufficient air humidity (about 50 %) in your areas. Drink sufficiently. If no illness-conditioned restriction exists, at least 2 L on the day. Do not expose the eyes to direct air flow, e.g. wind, ventilation blower or air conditioning systems. Let us avoid smoked and dusty areas. Put when swimming in public swimming pools swimming eyeglasses on.

For screen workers:

Put the screen up not too. For the view downward you do not have to open the eyelids so far. Goennen it your eyes regularly tracing. Look every ten minutes briefly to the window, and blinzeln you again and again completely consciously. Let regularly your Sehfaehigkeit examine. Too weak or correctly not adapted eyeglass lenses favour dry eyes. If the cause cannot be turned off, artificial tears help. Newer preparations contain all portions of the natural tear film.



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