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Most patients are women.

Approximately three million Germans suffer from Fibromyalgie, a not inflammatory form of Weichteilrheumatismus. Which is Fibromylagie exactly, why is it so with difficulty to diagnose and which one can do against it

Most patients are women. This characteristic is explained among other things with hormoneal conversions at the beginning of the change years.

Concerned ones have pain in the neck, at the back, in arms and legs, at the whole body.

Often suffering end of 30 begins and only years later, after exclusion of other diseases, is diagnosed.


The Fibromyalgie develops during one period of several years away. With approximately half of all patients thereby undulations with temporary improvement and degradation are to be determined. In the course of the day the complaints are most badly, particularly strongly usually in the morning point themselves the symptoms to the spring and autumn. Concerned ones suffer from vague (dull/musty, burning) pain, which arises mainly in the cross and at the neck spinal column, in addition, from shoulders, elbows and hands, from knees and jump joints, from back of the head and breastbone, in the face and from the Kiefer. The center nearly always is thereby in the proximity of joints, whereby these are not impaired.

In addition a whole number of further symptoms, which do not belong inevitably to the disease picture, comes about headache, deafness feeling at hands and feet, stomach intestine complaints, Menstruation hurt, heart chase, the feeling of difficulty in breathing. In addition many patients complain about increased pain sensitivity, anxieties and depressions.

Because the pain strengthens not only when sitting, but also when long lying, suffer many Fibromyalgie patient under in and By sleep disturbances as well as the associated exhaustion conditions and concentration difficulties. This abundance at complaints makes it heavy for them to lead a normal life? in the working life as also in the spare time.

The Fibromyalgie has which causes, is not at present secured. Different trips are discussed: Stress in the domestic everyday life and in the occupation, serious (others) diseases, strong predominance and false attitudes, physical like mental shocks (an even deeply felt accident just like a death in the family). The research has a few further "suspects" in the visor, about metabolic disturbances, a too low or to high Kortisol production, a kind energy crisis in the musculature, irregular blood circulation in certain brain sections as well as a special form of to low blood pressure.

Possibly also stoffwechselprodukte penetrate from the muscle fibers and provoke the pain fibers. And in order to complete confusion, the illness can break out obviously also without any evident reason. The term Fibromyalgie consists of latin "fibra" and the Greek Vokabeln "mys", "algos" and "ia". Literally that means fiber muscular pain condition. Admits already were such pain in the antiquity. Before approximately 200 years the tender typical for this illness POINTS (points of pain) were mentioned for the first time, 1968 first cases were described concretely.

The fact that it concerns a not inflammatory form of Muskelrheumatismus became the medical profession only 1980 clearly. Before well ten years finally the World Health Organization WHO recognized the Fibromyalgie, more rarely also than Fibrositis or generalized Tendomyopathie (GTM) designation, officially than illness on.


Under normal conditions a physician will assume a whole number of other possible diseases due to the numerous and nonspecific symptoms first. Only if these could be excluded with the help of suitable investigations (e.g. laboratory test, ultrasonic, radiographs, nuclear spin tomography), the physician will try on the basis a relatively simple test will determine whether its female patient and/or its patient under Fibromyalgie suffers:

1. Does dull/musty, burning since more than one quarter vague () back pain arise?

2. Do the patient in addition pain in the arms or legs have?

3. Are most of the typical pain pressure points (tender POINTS) pain sensitive with it?
If the answer to all three questions reads "", the diagnosis Fibromyalgie is obvious relatively. With a no the diagnosis must be limited on the basis further questions further.


Fibromyalgie is a chronic illness.

Because the symptoms are often very nonspecific, in most cases first a whole number of other diagnoses is placed. Until the disease picture minted itself so clearly that it can be diagnosed clearly, one period of up to ten years usually passes.

Because it concerns a not inflammatory Weichteilrheumatismus, rheumatism means does not help; the same applies to Kortisonpraeparate, pain means and? except for few exceptions? muscle-relaxing medicines. Worked satisfactorily some low proportioned antidepressives. Some one provide Massagen and thermal treatments with Fango Linderung, other one an attendance in the cooling chamber. Also extension exercises and relaxation training, courses for body perception or rounds of talks with a psychologist to handling with the Fibromyalgie in the everyday life can help.

In testing are medicines, which are to affect carrier materials (Serotonin) in the brain.
as a goal: Pain liberty and calm sleep.


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