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Soft help in gynaecological diseases

Classic treatment substance from the depths of the earth

Live mud that is taken from marsh land, the warm humidity of the dark soil, and the
alluvium of the sea can be useful in gynaecological diseases. What do these peloides ? contain, what kind of effect they have: Plunging into the soft, idle darkness can be refreshing, letting the constant warmth wrap you up, closing your eyes and relaxing. That is what you
feel when you get into a mud bath. And it is all worth it for such a bath. However, mud containing baths and wrap ups and a sort of marsh tampon as an innovation provide an
easy relaxation besides more intensive effects are attributed to them. These are classical treatment methods that come from the depths of the earth. Mud baths and wrap ups are at
the disposal of gynaecology for a long time. Head doctor of Bad Salzuflen rehabilitation clinic Dr. Barbara Ehret-Wagener, has observed in her patients that: ‘’In women who do not have ovulation, whose tubes and the uterus have lover functions this sort of effect for example: regular ovulation can be provided by regular functioning tubes“. Thus, in some women, this method contributes to obtaining wanted babies.

Mud in ovary inflammation and problems ???


Other obstacles in the path to pregnancy are chronic lover abdominal pain and tension in
the pelvic area, frequent tube inflammation as well as deformity and affixation in the abdominal area. In most cases, these have been reduced or eliminated the same way with mud baths. Also, small cysts can shrink or disappear thanks to mud treatment. As a chemist Prof. Wolfgang Ziechmann, who examined substances found in turf, mud and alluvium and studied their probable effects also approves them. In specialist terminology all these types of mud are named as Peloit. These were formed in thousands of years. But there are big differences: mostly in substances of organic origin, for instance marsh land, turf is found.
This contains carbohydrates, proteins, oil acids, pectins, tanen, lignified plant extracts, steroids and humin substances; however they contain radioactive substances as well.
Generally speaking, inorganic contents such as volcanic mud that contains sulphur or
mud-like, puffed up bases in thermal sources are known as fango. This mineral mud consisting of calcium, iron, aluminium, magnesium and other salts and low amount of
organic substances is used for wrap ups at the first stage. Alluvium, that is peloit, is a
strong sea mud rich in water and salt that contains organic substances and consists of
small pieces of clay and lime. Depending on the location of the base there are many variations: For instance, Fango that comes from the Aifel, Fango di Battaglia, the mud that comes from Italy. A mixture of the above mentioned treating mud, which is mixed with different paraffins and some minerals, comes on the market as Parafango.


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