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Grill party

Grill – Thus it remains a pleasure

So some Hightech Kochtempel comes to evenings lauen on into oblivion: Brutzeln over the fire is announced.

With safe products and reasonable behavior the party pleasure remains suffering annual clearly 2,000 to 3,000 humans in Germany heaviest fire injuries with crickets, warns the Bavarian Department of State for health, nutrition and consumer protection. Often children are concerned, who are long drawn a life. "children have their face exactly in the height of the grill fire and are in their natural curiosity hardly to be braked. Therefore children always supervise ", thus ministers of health Eberhard Sinner. But the consumers, also the act-rubbing are not only to be sensitized.

"we want to also move the trade not to offer any longer thoughtlessly white spirits in large quantities beside the charcoal bags", described the Minister.


Grill – Thus it remains a pleasure 1/2:

- Select a qualitatively high-quality, safetyexamined grill without sharp edges

- Set up the grill absolutely nontilting. Make sure that you keep a sufficient distance to the garden planting and to buildings

- Use only high-quality charcoal according to DIN 51749. It burns arrears-free and is innocuous, i.e. it does not contain tar arrears

- Select only examined grill lighters: The packing is marked by "DIN CERTCO" and one "moves No...." (registration number). Do without white spirits, gasoline or other easily inflammatory materials

- Never pour brennspiritus, gasoline or other easily inflammatory materials into the glow. Verpuffungen and flashes in the grill can lead to life-threatening burns


Grill – Thus it remains a pleasure 2/2:

- Carry for apron and grill gloves, them protect from strong heat development and hot fat splashes

- Alcohol decreases reactivity. Who should be able to think the grill "served", clearly

- Children may arrive only under constant supervision "along crickets", ignition assistance not into the hands of children.

Grill – a cancer risk?

If meat juice or fat drips into the glow, polyzyklische aromatic hydrocarbons develop, briefly for PAK. They are considered as krebserregend. Safe you go therefore, if you cut grill meat off in aluminum bowls crickets and burned places at the grill property generously.


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