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Cardiac infarct

Red wine: the more the better for the heart? Does red wine protect the heart? Does continuous stress lead to the cardiac infarct? Does a infarkt do with each pain? Does continuous stress make the heart ill?

Read here, what is correct:
Situations, in which you excite yourselves, annoy strongly or exert physically extremely, can double the Infarktrisiko at short notice? that is safe. On the other hand the researchers argue still, who role has continuous stress for the heart, for example by high load in the job or relations crises. A Scottish study resulted in now that vocationally gestresste men in the 20-yearly process suffered even more rarely from heart illnesses than men, who complained less about stress. Other investigations show however that men, who live in intact partnerships get sick more rarely with a cardiac infarct than divorced or single men.

Red wine: the more the better for the heart?

Is true: In subpopulations with moderate red wine consumption infarkte arise actually more rarely. Now British researchers found a possible reason for it: Red wine excerpts restrain the production of messenger materials, which promote the container calcifying and which veins narrow.

That alcohol is a cellular poison, liver and heart are in addition, true to harm can.

Therefore applies: Men should drink maximally 0.3 litres, women no more than 0.2 litres red wine per day.

The infarkt does with each pain?

Most infarkt patients suffer acutely from substantial pain. But about 20 per cent of the cardiac infarcts run "mutely": The pain is missing, instead comes it to general symptoms such as nausea or swindle.


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