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Everything germ-free?

Germs train the defense

Disconcertion among German clean men:

In trust did home must allegedly "dangerous pathogens" be destroyed and the dwelling from kitchen to bath into a germ-free zone be transformed? the advertisement says. experts say nonsense

"antibacterial" reads the magic word of the new finery central generation. From the rinsing sponge over the garbage bag up to the detergent modern household chemicals possess obviously above all the Potenzial to destroy pathogens. Who uses there still conventional finery means, old-fashionable soap or average washing powder, can come already times into the Gruebeln:

Do I risk megacleaners "without" ultra - ", "supra -" and "thoughtlessly my health?

Micro organisms are everywhere

Bacteria, yeasts and mold fungi rank among other things among the micro organisms. They are? how does the name say? very small: a hundredth to a thousandth millimeter. Individual they are to be recognized only under the microscope. Only if they will have strongly increased it also without microscope first as tiny Puenktchen (colony) visibly. Apparently "clean" surfaces, articles, hands or also food are only rarely "pure" from mikrobieller view.

Germs train the defense

Our environment is settled from nature with various kinds of germ. The human body, likewise the one animal, usually successfully argues with them, without getting sick, and trains so the body-own defense. This applies conditionally even to a set of pathogens, if these are well developed only in small quantity available and the defense protection against the organism.


On kind and quantity it depends

It is thus in many cases less the mikrobielle settlement actually, which represents a health risk, than rather the kind and number of settling germs as well as the fact that bacteria in food or on articles under favorable conditions can increase very fast. A careless, damp wiping cloth can be settled easily with 100 million germs per square centimeters and more. With such a rag if measurers or containers "are cleaned", that serves rather the spreading of germs as the cleaning.

Disinfectant: under normal conditions unnecessarily

Disinfectants are not necessary and also not desirable in private households, say Bundesinstitut for health consumer protection (BgVV). Not necessarily, because in a normal dwelling not everywhere dangerous exciters lauern. In addition germs are a natural component of our environment. They train the defense system. Not desirably, because an oversize at cleaning agents loads the environment unnecessarily. That applies also to combination preparations for simultaneous washing and disinfecting. They would have no positive influence on the cleaning result with the usual application concentration anyway.


Exception 1:

Disinfection medically orders it gives also exceptional cases, in which a chemical disinfection can be meaningful. In addition households belong, in those to Dauerausscheider of Salmonellen live or humans with other health problems, for which disinfection measures were for example medically ordered.

Both the treating physicians and responsible public health authorities give usually very precise instructions for the reasonable and effective application of the disinfectants.

Exception 2:

Medicine enterprise and industry differently than in the private household look it within the medical and commercial range or when the industriellen production of food. There, depending upon job, specific instructions for the cleaning and disinfection are given.

Some enterprises use for it the services of external companies, which specialized in these procedures.


Must: Hygiene approximately around flaeschchen and Sauger

Who got straight new generation, it must know that ill making germs in prepared baby milk and milk remainders increase fast. Whereupon the unausgereifte digesting system of a baby reacts very sensitively. Approximately around flaeschchen and Sauger therefore everything should be pikobello. But special chemical means are unnecessary even here? and/or because of possible arrears harmful. Investigations showed: Three minutes of Auskochen in gushing water are sufficient, in order to kill all ill making germs surely. Whom is too laborious, which can disinfect the bottles in special equipment with hot steam (Vaporisator). If your child is about six months old, it is enough, to only clean bottles and Sauger in the dishwasher or by hand.

More importantly tap: Always keep for cleaning agent.

Straight products with pictures of zitrusfruechten and with aromatic smell components can be confounded otherwise easily with beverages and caused heavy poisonings. Turn immediately in this case to a poison information centre!

Source: Instruction card "Verbrauchertipps to food hygiene, cleaning and disinfection", Federal institute for health consumer protection and veterinary medicine (BgVV): www.bgvv.de


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