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Refined oils
Oil is not equal to oil. Which refines behind the terms and cold pressed Damit's puts tastes better: Many vegetable fats and oils are refined after pressing the raw material, in order unwanted escort substances such as smell -, bitter or coloring materials to avoid. Arrears also injurious to health, as for instance plant protection agents, are eliminated. The refining removes these materials by chemical procedures and treatment with water vapour. A goal: as pure an oil as possible.

Neutrally in the taste, poor in vitaminen however also valuable escort substances are lost such as vitamine and flavours. Back remain relatively taste-neutral refined oils and fats, which are longer stop and more highly heat upable. From the refining to to differentiate the fat hardening (hydrogenation) is, with which liquid oils into firm fats is converted, as e.g. with margarine.

Cold pressed oils only for cold meal cold pressing oils have the typical self-taste of the oil fruit in contrast to the refined still, like with the native olive oil. By the careful production many natural contents materials, like vitamine and flavours, remain. Cold pressed oils own itself thereby well for the cold kitchen. One should avoid high heating up however.








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