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Unbenanntes Dokument
  Effective Eating

Bag or Instanttees

The following teas are certified as standard prescriptions.

There are it also as finished preparations (bag or Instanttees), which added in this or similar compositions contain.

Let in your pharmacy confer:

Cold dte:
30 parts of elder blooms
30 parts of lime tree blooms
20 parts of Maede sweetly blooms
20 parts of Hagebutten flat
Dosage: 1 spoon per cup
Application: several times dte freshly prepared daily 1 cup
Effect: Elder and lime tree blooms energize the welding formation and support the defense forces. Maedesuess works germ-restraining, fever-lowering and flushing. Hagebutte improves the taste.

Stomach dte:
25 Teile Tausendgüldenkraut
25 parts who courage herb
20 parts of Enzian root
20 parts of Pomeranzen flat
10 parts zimt crust
Dosage: 2 dte spoons per cup
Application: several times daily 1 freshly prepared a moderately warmly schluckweise half hour before the meals effect for cup of dte: Tausendgueldenkraut, wermut, Enzian contain bitter materials, which promote gastric juice production. Zimtrinde and Pomeranze energize the appetite and improve the taste of the dte mixture.

Calming dte:
40 parts of valerian root
20 parts of hop taps
15 parts of Melissen of sheets
15 parts of Pfefferminz of sheets
10 parts of Pomeranzen flat
Dosage: 1 essloeffel per cup of application: 2 to 3-mal daily and before the sleeping going 1 cup of dte effect freshly prepared: Valerian, hop, Melisse and peppermint work reassuring down and fall asleep-promoting. Pomeranze improves the taste.

Blowing and kidney dte:
20 parts of birken of sheets
20 parts couch grass root stick
20 parts of giant gold rods herb
20 parts of Hauhechel root
20 parts of sweet wood root
Dosage: 2-3 teeloeffel per cup of application: 3 to 4-mal daily 1 cup between the meals effect: Birke, couch grass, giant gold rod and Hauhechel possess pronounced flushing as well as germ & inflammation restraining effect. Because of its cramp-solving effect the sweet wood root in blowing and kidney teas becomes estimated.



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