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Despite expensive auxiliary food some hobby sportsman lack of important nutrients suffers

Nearly half of all trips in the sport experts are to be due to nourishing errors, say. The five most frequent traps and Tipps like you it make better

The fact that the body needs high-quality food, if it must carry something out, has of Germany hobby sportsman inside light.

According to estimations of the institute for sport nutrition in bath leisure sportsmen food auxiliary means for approximately 400 million euro per year consume Nauheim.

And nevertheless: Despite expensive auxiliary food some hobby sportsman lack of important nutrients suffers.

Five nourishing errors are it above all, which are responsible for unnecessary of achievement break:


Error 1:

Too most sportsmen drink little liquid only if the thirst adjusts itself. An error, because then exists already clear lack of liquid the blood liquid thickens, which impairs first the concentration ability and then very fast co-ordination and muscle power affects. If a 70 Kilo heavy humans of 1.4 litres water out-sweated, it goes with the perseverance downhill. A runner loses this quantity in approximately one hour.

Like that it is correct:

Fill before the sport the liquid memory on with Saftschorlen or mineral waters. Who would like to make sure the fact that he gets the correct contents materials can seize to a mineral drink from the pharmacy.

During the sport ideally: to drink about all ten to twenty minutes a large glass. The beverage may be coolly, but not ice cold, because it lies otherwise to for a long time in the stomach.


Error 2:

The need at some vitaminen therefore is important it increases vitamin and mineral material gaps physical activity that the nutrition is varied and adequate. Five portions fruit or vegetable per day who are recommendable its food to supplement want, should that purposefully to do and in the pharmacy to be advised to be able.

Like that it is correct:
Who does not create five meals with fruit and vegetable, can supplement with a Vitaminpraeparat from the pharmacy, which covers the daily requirement. Highly effective preparations can be meaningful after consultation with the pharmacist in certain situations, about highly proportioned vitamin C (500 milligramm per day), in order to reduce infection susceptibility. Sport in sunshine loads the body strengthened with celldamaging free radicals. Preparations with vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and Betacaroten work against that. To mineral materials and trace elements the same applies as to the vitamine: Who nourishes itself on one side, should against-steer with an appropriate preparation from the pharmacy. Who per week three times for more than one hour intensively drives sport, more potassium, magnesium needs in addition and calcium preparations can iodide and iron contain. Both are lost likewise over the sweat. With the iodide the supply is problematic also for physically fewer active ones. Lack of iron is particularly frequent with women. Take appropriate electrolyte spare preparations after the sport with plentifully liquid. With the perseverance sport forms the body increases lactic acid and carbonic acid, which the metabolism must entsorgen. So that functions, regular training is important, so that the musculature better one supplies with blood and the harmful acids to be better removed to be able. Mineral material preparations support the evacuation of the acids.


Error 3:

Too consist much protein muscles particularly of protein. Muscle growth with an extra steak to therefore promote, is a wrong strategy, says nourishing scientist Uwe Schroeder of Institut for sport nutrition in bath Nauheim. "with normal nutrition nobody gets too little protein." In contrast to the landlaeufigen opinion have not force sportsmen, but perseverance sportsmen the highest protein need.

Like that it is correct:

0.8 gram protein per kilogram body weight need most leisure sportsmen. With Triathleten the optimum can rise to two gram. For 70 kilograms heavy humans are that 56 gram protein.

For an optimal protein supply one must eat no more, but more variedly: Protein consists of 20 different components, which amino acids, from which the body does not form eight can. Since no food contains all these essential amino acids in the optimal relationship, it is important the need beside meat also with leguminous plants to cover for milk and getreideprodukten.


Error 4: too little healthy coal hydrates thereby muscles to work know, need them coal hydrates as energy source, which they store in the form of glykogen (many together chained grape sugar molecules). Leisure sportsmen, itself with grape sugar and sweets try to keep fit, get a sugar shock, to which the body reacts with one-exceeding payment to blood-sugar-lower of the hormone insulin. As consequence the blood sugar mirror can drop even still more strongly, which can lead also to concentration problems.

Like that it is correct: Should cover approximately half of the power requirement for rice, noodles, potatoes and bread. With 60 Kilos a heavy woman, who joggt three times per week 30 minutes, are per day for example 200 the gram grey bread plus 250 gram of noodles plus 100 gram of potatoes. About three hr. before the sport should take you a char-hydrate-rich, with low fat meal to itself. With low fat is important, because the food stays otherwise to for a long time in the stomach. Do not eat however directly before the sport. Then Sodbrennen threatens, and in addition is too much blood in the digestive tract, which is missing for the supply of the musculature. With the perseverance sport the Glykogenvorraete in the muscle is enough for approximately one and a half hours. Who drives longer sport, should eat regularly something coal hydrate realm. A banana is recommendable for example. It contains complex coal hydrates, which hold the blood sugar mirror above during a longer period. Also energy latch plates supply complex coal hydrates. Pay attention to quality: A high content of drying fruits is favorable and strong-calibrates grain flakes. Muesliriegel with high fat content are unsuitable. A good latch plate should not produce any more than five per cent of the calories in the form of fat.


Error 5: Fat meals after the sport nearly half of all trips in the sport are to be due to nourishing errors, say experts. The five most frequent traps and Tipps like you it make sport better after one hour must the body regenerate. The Glykogenspeicher in the muscles is exhausted to two thirds. With kinds of sport with many Sprints and stops as for example tennis off or Squash can the musculature small Schae that carry. Who recompences itself now with fat meal and a beer, hurting muscles has on the next day tiredly. With tennis or football tournaments of several days painful defeats threaten on the second day.

Like that it is correct: Replace immediately after the sport 80 per cent lost gone water. For one hour you depending upon intensity and outside temperature between and one and a half a litre count movement. Who wants to know it exactly, should weigh before and after the sport. Saftschorlen with sodium-hydrogencarbonate-rich mineral water (at least 400 milligramm sodium per litre) are particularly recommendable. Within the first two hours after the sport one should take a meal to itself, which contains plentifully coal hydrates, something protein and little fat. In this time the memory enzymes work muscles on full speed and can particularly insert therefore much glykogen. Examples are furnace potatoes with quark, vegetable burr in or also a sweet flour food. "sweets are more favorable after the sport than before", say Uwe Schroeder of Institut for sport nutrition in bath Nauheim. "the musculature is then optimally absorptive for coal hydrates. The fact that these are stored fast from the blood to disappear and in the muscles is desired in the regeneration phase." Waive the bag with the Gummibaerchen thus better, until the tennismatch past is.


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