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Cholesterin countersink

Over five years long humans with heart cycle problems generally cholesterinsenkende medicines should get study? not only patients with increased Cholesterinwerten.

As Rory Collins reports of the University of Oxford in the technical periodical "Lancet", blood-fat-lowering Statine so mentioned could lower the risk of cardiac infarcts and impact accumulations around for instance a third.

Study of five years long

The medical profession had observed in their study five years long 20,000 patients, to who Statine were given. According to past medical practice these patients would not have been treated necessarily with these cholesterinsenkenden preparations. It showed up however that the preparations unfold their positive effect also with patients with normal or low Cholesterinspiegel. "the clear message of this study is: the Cholesterinspiegel ", do not commentate Charles George of the British heart company the result treat the risk.


The life to ten thousands of humans save

Cardiovascular diseases are in many industrial nations the main cause of death. The researchers projected that the general gift of Statinen at patients with heart cycle problems could annually save world-wide the life to ten thousands of humans. For a treatment with Statinen speak also that both the active substance and the risk patients already admit to the treating physician due to their past patient history are, argue the medical profession.

Blood-graft is a cause for impact accumulation

Cardiovascular diseases illnesses of the heart or the container system are generally called. Cause of death is usually a cardiac infarct or an impact accumulation. The cardiac infarct is based on dying heart muscle tissue: Oxygen-rich blood can supply the muscle by a longer catch of the heart wreath/ring containers no longer sufficiently. A cause of an impact accumulation is caused usually dying nerve tissue, by the catch of Kopfarterien. Both hang often with one blood-graft together, the appropriate containers clogged. A Thrombus can form on the spot, or arrive only in form of a moving Gerinnsels over the bloodstream at heart or brain.


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