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  Effective Eating


First references show, which bodily functions change by a calorie reduction first references show, which bodily functions by a calorie reduction to change and that something hunger the life could extend quite attempts with different animal species to have shown that a restriction of the food intake extends the life span clearly. Now there are first referring to it, which bodily functions change thereby and which slow aging process down. As consequence of an life-extending calorie reduction with Rhesusaffen the koerpertemperatur and two blood values sank changed. Homogeneous changes tightened American scientists with the participants of a long-term study, which achieved a particularly high age. The trade paper "Science" reports in a short report.

George Roth and its coworkers of national institutes the on Aging evaluated the data of over 700 men at the age between 19 and 95 years. For 25 years in this study medical data of the participants are registered. It turned out that men, who lived above average for a long time exhibited a comparatively small koerpertemperatur, a degraded insulin mirror and a high concentration of DHEAS in the blood during aging.

DHEAS (Dehydroepiandrosteronsulfat) is a hormone preliminary stage, whose production decreases with apes and humans during normal aging. Similar findings received the scientists in a nourishing study with Rhesusaffen. If the animals received 30 per cent fewer calorie than a control's group, koerpertemperatur and insulin mirrors sank, while the acceptance of the DHEAS Blutwertes retarded. As expected also the mortality rate of the apes set on Hungerdiaet was reduced. The results point out that a calorie-reduced Diaet metabolic changes causes, which affect the age noticeably so Roth.





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