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Hamburger like heroin

The high portion of fat and sugar causes the craze Pommes and Burger makes addicted like coke and heroin? scientists of the University of Princeton the high portion of fat and sugar maintain that are the craze after the fast Hamburg one and the frits to cause, write the researchers in the renowned science magazine "new Scientist".
In the their attempt they fed laboratory mice with a 25-prozentigen sugar food. When the food was changed over afterwards again to a normal sweet portion, the animals reacted as with a drug withdrawal. "the symptoms with the mice were tooth rattling and trembling. As is the case for humans, who suffered study leader John Hoebel from withdrawal of nicotine or morphine ", so. A high fat portion in the food stimulates luck materials "in the brain", Opioide. The combination with the high sugar portion produces the craze after further sweet foods, says the researcher.


To similar results comes the Neurologin Ann Kelley of Wisconsin Medical School, which made similar attempts at rats. "a salzhaltige, sweet and fat food made the animals addicted on these food components." The Forscherin stimulated the brain of the rats with a synthetic form of the natural Opioids Enkephalin.

Whereupon the animals reacted to six times with a higher appetite to fat. In longer test series the Wissenschaftlerin could determine similar changes in brain chemistry, how this is with a longer use of morphines or heroin the case. In the meantime there is already violent criticism at the research result. Michael Jacobson of the center For Science into the Public Interest, a lobby of the food manufacturers in Washington DC, criticizes the absence of proofs for such statements. Other researchers follow the theories of Hoebel not completely, grant however at least that sugar can affect the nourishing habits. "sugar lets the blood sugar value snap upward and drop then again. Thus hot hunger for the next Snack develops ", says Jeane Randolph of the university in Toronto.


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