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Fruit and vegetable

Cancer protection by "5 on the day"

in secondary plant materials from berries and fruits, salads, tubers and roots assume researcher one of the largest so far well-known potentials for the cancer krebsvorbeugung of each of the south countries used up on average per year approximately 203 kilograms of vegetables and 123 Kilos fruit.

In Europe the country keeps the top position, followed of Portugal and Spain, closely beyond the alps where field and gartenfruechte belong likewise inseparably to the benefitful mediterranen way of life. The average German carries against it per head and year only lean 90 kilograms of vegetable and about 100 Kilos of fruits home.


Thus cancer researchers and nourishing scientists remind. According to their estimations could more plant food alone in the Federal Republic annually up to 20 per cent of the 340,000 cancer new illnesses prevent. "even 30 to 40 per cent of the cases could be avoided according to today's data situation", describes private lecturer Dr. Heiner Boeing, Leiter of the department of epidemiology at German Institut in nourishing research in potsdam deer bridge, "if we all recommendations kept and about many more fruit and vegetables to eat, to our weight pay attention and us more would move.

" cancer protection through" 5 on the day "

In the USA national Krebsforschungsinstitut started the clearing-up campaign "5 A before ten years day". Fruit & vegetable "animate for two years Federal citizen, their preference for meat and sausage-stressed domestic kitchen to swear off. Daily at least 375 gram of vegetables and 250 gram fruit are to eat the Federal citizens regularly, in order to secure itself the full protection effect of clenched plant components. Benefit-friendlier expressed, that is daily three portions of vegetables and two portions fruit.


How is much a portion?In order to facilitate a counting and go around the Ruch from the "meal to regulation", strives "5 on the day" to pack the message appetite-energizing and at the same time practically: A portion corresponds to a hand with large pieces fully: an apple, a banana or the appropriate part of a complete Broccolis. Something similar applies to drying fruit, among them datteln, as well as dried leguminous plants as peas and lenses.

With small fruits such as strawberries or johannisbeeren as well as at divided vegetable? for instance Zucchinischeiben or field salad? count two hand fully as portion.

Likewise as portion a glass pure juice (0.2 litres) goes through or a small box vegetable. Further the campaign guesses/advises to the lively mixes: Times roughly and times cooked health-conscious are to enjoy, what fields and gardens to give. If possible transverse patch by the farbpalette: red raspberries, yellow carrots, orange, paprika becomes green to oranges. "who uses the whole offer at fruit and vegetable", explains Watzl, "takes up many different secondary plant materials"? and eats thereby against his general cancer risk on.


The campaign "5 on the day"

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German Institut for nourishing research (DIfE) in potsdam deer bridge compiled a brochure, which explains the scientific background in detail as the current prevention recommendations.

On the DIfE homepage find you a left, in order to download the booklet: www.dife.de


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