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  Effective Eating

To take healthy naschen without all too many calories to itself? With fruchtigen Eisdesserts that is possible. Which Geniesser and hobby cooks should know about the frosty dessert like the summer, so the ice consumption. That shows the view of the statistics of the Federal association of the German mark ice manufacturers. If it is sunny between May and September, then the conversion is correct. Cold summers give against it strong profit break-downs. There are reasons enough to terminate also on tristen days the meal with ice:
1. So cream ice has cakes for example of fewer Dickmacher than a piece. Who nascht fruit ice, comes even with still fewer calories of it
2. By the preparation vitamine and mineral materials remain large. It is particularly healthy, if ice with fresh fruits is converted to a refined ice bomb
3. Ice-cream energizes the independent movements of the gastro-intestinal tract. Who has problems with blockage, which the cool dessert can help. The fact that the chair course begins by the cooling attraction is not physicians as gastrokolischer reflex well-known and has anything with the fact to do that one spoiled oneself with ice cream the stomach
4. Many ice sorts are manufactured on basis by milk. Who likes otherwise no milk, much can do for the calcium supply by ice licking. A 100-Gramm-Portion cream ice covers nearly a fifth of the daily requirement of an adult


Who wants to enjoy and to quality and calories pay attention cold, should be been versed with the usual designations. In the list we sorted the different ice sorts according to sinking calorie content:
Cream ice, cream ice and prince Pueckler ice contain at least 18 per cent milk fat from the cream used with the production.

Cream ice contains at least 50 per cent milk portion and using by egg or eigelb is manufactured. Milk at least 270 gram of Vollei or 90 gram eigelb comes on a litre. Eiskrem contains in principle at least 10 per cent milk fat.
Einfacheiskrem contains fewer milk fats and has therefore fewer calories.
Ice with plant fat is made not from milk, but of plant fats.
Milk ice contains at least 70 per cent of milk.
Fruchtsorbet contains a fruit portion of at least 25 per cent. With sour zitrusfruechten as raw material a smaller fruit portion of 15 per cent is enough. Fruit ice possesses a fruit portion of at least 20 per cent; except is made of zitrusfruechten or other very sour fruit places. Then are sufficient 10 per cent.
Special case: Diabetiker Eiskrem is manufactured without sugars. It is replaced by sugar substitutes such as Fructose and sorbit. Regarding the fat portion no differences exist to normal ice cream, so that the products can keep up also geschmacklich with the ice pleasure for healthy ones.


...and the calorie content?

Generally applies: The higher the milk portion becomes, the more eggs the ice cream contains, the more calorie-rich is it also. The differences can be completely considerable. They lie related to 100 gram between zirka 250 kilocalories for cream and cream ice and 140 kilocalories for the fruit ice. Who wants to feast slim, should lick with the icy summer pleasure thus at as fruchtigen a sorts as possible.


Cups of ice-cream with yogurt and fruits added for 4 persons: 12 balls peach ice, 400g small strawberries, 4 EL sugar, 1 Kiwi, 1 cup Jogurt, 12 whale nut halves, 4 small Waffeltuetchen preparation: Strawberries wash, drying-dab, half of it with 2 EL sugars cover and into the refrigerator place. The other half with the remaining sugar and 2 EL water into a small pot to give and boil up let take, from the stove and leave cooling. Kiwi peel, in disks cut and these again into small pieces. The Erdbeerkompott into high Dessertglaeser distribute, Jogurt over it give, ever 1 ice ball on put, strawberries and Kiwistueckchen over it distribute and in each case 2 ice balls on put. With walnuessen and Waffeltuetchen kidneys.


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