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  Effective Eating


Aids from our food are at all bodily functions take part vitamine only in small quantities are used? but: Together with mineral materials are the small aids from our food at all bodily functions take part the 13 admitted vitamine into two groups are divided: in water and fat-soluble vitamine: The fat-soluble vitamine E, D, K and A can be stored in the body over longer time, short lack periods can become easily balanced. That can be done with water-soluble vitaminen badly. Except vitamin B12, which with good filled memory hands for many years, none of these vitamine can be loaded hoppers longer than a few days. Under normal conditions redundant quantities are separated fast with the urine again, the body are dependent on punctual supply.


Only if the small metabolic aids are supplied regularly in sufficient quantities, they can unfold their optimal effect in the metabolism. In addition also the Infektabwehr or the defense of so-called "free radicals" belongs for example. Those are materials, which effect cell damage from the environment (e.g. cigarette smoke) affect the body or in the framework by metabolic processes even by the body are produced and to cause to be able. Vitamin C, beta Caroten (preliminary stage of vitamin A) and vitamin E carry here, together with the trace element selenium and enzymes, outstanding work out. Some vitamine can we at least partly manufacture. Vitamin K is produced by intestine bacteria, and vitamin D is formed from body-own Cholesterin whenever sufficient sunlight meets the skin.


Who nourishes itself balanced, usually gets all vitamine, which it needs. A increased need at vitaminen have: Pregnant woman and satisfying Mrs. growing up young people smoker older people, which eat only little and/or take regularly medicines: Antazida (medicines against stomach complaints and Sodbrennen) obstruct the admission of vitamin B12 and Folsaeure; Exhausting means washes vitamine also made of humans, the one slimness cure makes Diabetiker: At increased blood sugar values more urine is separated. The water-soluble vitamin C as well as some vitamine of the b-group are lost thereby. With insufficiently treated diabetes strengthen aggressive sauerstoffverbindungen develop? free radicals. That leads to a increased consumption vitamine C, E and Betacaroten a increased Vitaminbedarf of the called "Radikalenfaenger" can with additional Vitaminpraeparaten from the pharmacy be covered. Let best in the pharmacy to your optimal Vitaminversorgung confer.


Examples of Vitaminlieferanten oranges supply much vitamin C.

It admits less is that they contain also the vitamine A, B1,B2, B6, E, K as well as Fol and Pantothensaeure.

Lean beef supplies us with: Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, E, K, Fol and Pantothensaeure as well as Biotin.

We owe the vitamine A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D and E, in addition Fol and Pantothensaeure as well as Biotin to a piece of salmon.


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