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Researchers of the Northumbria University proved scientifically that the Zitronenmelisse (Melissa officinalis) works like a turbo- Boost for spirit and well-being The effect of the welfare plant, already in 16. Century of John Gerard as "Geistesbeschleuniger" was described, the researchers astonished.

BBC-ON-LINE reports past Friday. After the first scientific investigations of the British Psychological Society the plant could be used also for patients, who suffer from dementia. In lab tests the researchers stated that the plant increases the activity of acetyl choline, a chemical messenger material, which is brought with the memory ability in connection.

The messenger material is present with Alzheimer patients in only small quantities. , the plant extract could be used also with patients, those at disturbances of the memory ability leiden", forschungsleiter Andrew Scholey means. In first attempts with students caps with dried plant extract were given. In the attempts it could be proven that the excerpt strengthens the brain achievement. , we must to accomplish however further exact studies over see whether the plant extracts are used also with Alzheimer koennen", explained Scholey with the presentation of the study. Originally the Zitronenmelisse resident in the eastern Mediterranean area and west Asia is already used since the Greek Roman antiquity as welfare plant.

The plant, which "Herztrost" also under the name; admits is, becomes high up to 90 centimeters. The sheets smell and taste lemon-like before the bloom. The plant becomes estimated also in the kitchen peppering sweet foods and beverages.




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