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  Effective Eating

Correct nutrition

The art of the correct nutrition fruit and vegetable instead of Fertigpizzen and bag soups.

In addition fun at cooking? those are added for healthy aging. More over free radicals plus nutrient table for seniors starting from 65 if the leistungskraft suddenly noticeably leaves and Infektanfaelligkeiten accumulates themselves up, then comes with many humans of the Gedanke:, it is the age ". The process of aging already began years ago, because biologically seen the body already begins at the early adult age with the aging process. Initial changes of the cells, the fabric and the organs remain however long time unnoticed. Only if we feel the waste of the efficiency clearly, us aging becomes conscious.


If the defense becomes weaker

Already starting from that 40. The defense forces leave lebensjahr. At the same time the need at micro nutrients rises.

A cause for the increasing need at the age is the increased load by free radicals, thus aggressive materials, which can attack body cells and damage body-own proteins, fats as well as hereditary substance. The healthy body has a natural defense system, which intercepts and makes free radicals innocuous to protect the the cells. To the radical inhibitors in such a way specified (= Antioxidantien) for example the vitamine A, C and E as well as Carotinoide belong. Besides the sufficient supply of further approximately 40 vital substances is necessary, in order to protect the body against Infektanfaelligkeiten, exhaustion conditions and illnesses of the nerve or heart and circulation system. These substances rank us among the micro nutrients are into the groups of the vitamine to divide minerals and trace elements.


The art of the correct nutrition

The art of a healthy nutrition is it to supply to the body all vital nutrients in the correct composition and quantity.

But with the purchase in the supermarket Fertigpizzen or bag soups in the trolley land again and again. Fresh fruit and vegetables have often a checking. Lack of time, comfort or ignorance over healthy nutrition are the causes. Older and alone-living humans are particularly concerned, because who its meals alone take must, not rarely lost the fun at cooking and eating.

The risk of a lack of micro nutrient grows.


Nutrition over 65

The healthy and balanced nutrition is not ensured, can be meaningful it, the body by food additions the missing vitamine to supply mineral materials and trace elements. The mindest and maximum dosages are however not completely simple to determine. The German society for nutrition (DGE) gave for this appoximate values, which refer to the basic supply of healthy humans. The optimal nutrient need is an individual size, which is different with each humans and a multiplicity of factors must consider such as life circumstances (e.g. stress, smoking, alcohol) as well as the current state of health. They should deny themselves you therefore in each case first with your physician, before you seize to preparations. For orientation you find 65. on the next side the current need values of the German society for nutrition (DGE) for humans off:



B1 (Thiamin): Women and men need: 1.0 mg; comes forwards into: Grain, leguminous plants
B2 (Riboflavin): 1.2 mg; Milk products, meat, fish, grain
B12 (Cobalamine): 3,0 µg; Milk products, meat, fish, leguminous plants
Folsaeure: 400 µg; Fruit, vegetable, bread, milk products, liver, eggs
C (ascorbic acid): 100 mg; Fruit, vegetable
B6 (Pyridoxin): Women: 1.2 mg, men: 1.4 mg; Wheat germs, liver, yeast, full grain products
Biotin: 30-60 µg; Liver, soy beans, eigelb, Nuesse, rolled oats
Niacin: 13 mg; Yeast, meat, fish, eggs, bread, potatoes
Pantothensaeure: 6 mg; Liver, meat, fish, milk, products of full grain
A (Retinol)/Beta Caroten: Women: 0.8 mg, men: 1.0 mg, liver, butter, margarine, eigelb, milk, vegetable
D (Calciferole): 10 µg; Liver, sea-fish, cheese, milk, eigelb
E (Tocopherole): Women: 11 mg, men: 12 mg, vegetable oils, Nuesse, seed
K (Phyllochinone): Women: 65 µg, men: 80 µg; green vegetable, milk, meat

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