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Foot mushroom is the most frequent mushroom illness, approx. 30% of humans suffers to it. The cause is a thread mushroom, which particularly probably-feels in damp environment, e.g. swimming pools, Saunen, showers and in air-impermeable footwear. Also welding feet promote the pilzbildung. Which you can do, in order to prevent a foot mushroom infection? In swimming pools etc.. Bath shoes wear and existing disinfection plants use. Wear if possible cookable socks. Socks daily change. Do not carry daily turnschuhe. Feet always thoroughly dry, particularly zwichen the toes. Feet with a skin care cream rub in regular, in order to keep the skin supple, because dry cracked skin is more susceptible opposite germs and mushrooms. With strong welding feet you should use a weldingsecretion-restraining foot spray (e.g. Hydrofugal)


Measures during a foot mushroom illness:
1. Not medicamentous measures: Fussbaeder with wax protective substances. Kaliumpermanganatbaeder; the water should be blassrosa. Daily the socks change. -Ein specially towel for the feet use.
2.Medikamentoese measures: Clotrimazol (e.g. Canesten, fungicide ratiopharm) Econazol (e.g. Epi Paveryl) Tioconazol (e.g. Fungibacid) Ketoconazol (e.g. Nizoral) the we materials gives it in different Darreichungsformen, e.g. as cream, pumping spray, lotion, solution and propellant. If you use a pumping spray, you can spray out additionally your shoes, in order to avoid a renewed infection. In the case of use of other Darreichungsformen it recommends to use itself a disinfection spray (e.g. Sagrotan).

Importantly: 2 weeks give subsequent treatment, in order to avoid back cases!




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