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Ever more humans in Germany suffer to "dry eyes"

The symptoms are eye burning, turning red, foreign body feeling, dryness feeling, in addition, water the eyes. If they should not be safe however, they absolutely visit an optician.

Function of the tear liquid: The eye surface is covered and continuously again is constantly formed of a thin tear film.

It protects the eye against bacteria and four it protects the eye against small foreign bodies it nourishes the cornea/callosity and supplies it with oxygen the eyelids is better slidable is disturbed the composition or the structure of the tear film cannot it its functions any longer follow and the symptoms specified above step up. The not sufficient supply of tear liquid can have serious consequences for your eyes


Causes for dry eyes:

- Environmental condition

- precincts

- hydration

- contact lens

- Hormonelle factors

A further point is the so-called Office eye syndrome: In our spare time and in our working life computers gain ever more significance. This entails that our eyes to be ever more demanded. At work on the screen reduces the frequency of the eyelid impact, thus it can come to an insufficient humidification of the horn and binding skin. To further unfavorably affect can a wrong positioning of the screen, disturbing reflexes and an insufficient technical attitude of the screen. Pay attention they with a new purchase of a monitor to it which it at least the recommendations of their professional association correspond. Further technical devices, which can have a negative influence are photocopiers and laser printers due to possible ozone development. By air conditioning systems in its office space or its passenger car it can come to a further load of the eyes.


What can you do?

Their eyes contactors
use Artificial tears
ask optician for advice

Protection of the eyes:

Avoid they draft
Respect sufficient air humidity at home and to job
Drink at least 2 litres per day
Do not work for hours on the computer without sufficient tracing
Always carry in the summer a UV eye protector
Make with long drives a break also for eyes
Artificial tears for the support of the tear film

For substitution of the natural tear liquid there are artificial tears. These are eye drops, which can come the human tear liquid very close and be dripped heedlessly into the eye.


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