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Cough is not equal to coughs!

Therefore two different groups of active substances are available for the therapy.

Schleimloesende of preparations with verschleimten bronchi; Hustenreizstillende of preparations with dry dry cough; Footstep of the coughs in the context of a banal cold up and does not keep longer than two weeks on can you to these preparations fall back.

With long-continuous coughs as well as strong difficulty in breathing and high fever you should go to a physician


Schleimloesende of preparations:
1. on vegetable basis:
- e.g. Gelomyrtol
– e.g. Sinupret - Thymianextrakte (e.g. Tussamag)
- ivy excerpts (e.g. pro splinter)
2. on chemical basis:
- Ambroxol (e.g. Mucosolvan)
- Bromhexin (e.g. Bisolvon)
- Acetylcystein (e.g. ACC acutely) cough-satisfying preparations:
1. on chemical basis:
- Clobutinol (e.g. Silomat)
- Dextrometamorphan (e.g. Tuss Hustenstiller)
- Pentoxyverin (e.g. Sedotussin) cough-satisfying means should take it in the evening before the sleeping going.
During the day it is meaningful to take a schleimloesendes means in order to cough the secretion up. Importantly: Much drink, in order to liquefy the secretion



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