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Nearly everyone knows the itching and painful lip vesicles, which are caused by the Herpesvirus.

They mostly arise during a cold, under stress or under sun exposure. With very sensitive persons even a strong disgust feeling of the trips can be. If one is once infected, the Lippenherpes can break out again and again.

The vesicles are predominantly formed in groups around or at the lip. In this condition they are relatively harmless. Widths itself the vesicles however over a larger skin area out, a physician should be consulted.

Therapy possibilities: 1.auf of vegetable basis: Melissenextrakt (e.g. Lomaherpan) 2. on chemical basis: Aciclovir (e.g. Zovirax cream o. Aciclovir ratiopharm cream) 3. Alternative method: Zinc paste secret tip: If no preparation is to the hand, normal tooth paste can be dabbed on the place concerned with the first Kribbeln.


















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