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Acrylamide in the meal

Cancer suspicion with frits, chips and even knaeckebrot Pommes Frites and chip have it in itself: Food strongly heated up is loaded in all probability also in Germany with the krebserregenden material acrylamide. What do the authorities undertake?

Serious health risk the toxicologist Dr. Josef Schlatter called the acrylamide load of food. Even if the consumer with this risk possibly lived for decades, Schlatter on an information meeting of the Federal institut for health consumer protection and veterinary medicine (BgVV) said, is it necessary to reduce the contents for the protection of the consumer as fast as possible.

At the meeting under the title "acrylamide? serious problem or overrated danger ", which took place on 29 August 2002 in Berlin, participated more than 200 in and foreign representatives from politics, authorities, consumer protection mechanisms, science and industry. From the contributions it became clear that the solution of the problem will still stress some time. Promising beginnings would speak however for a gradual decrease acrylamide contents in the meal.


Background: Cancer suspicion with frits, chips and even crispbread

The material acrylamide was guessed/advised in the April of this yearly into the discussion, after the Swedish health authority unusually found much acrylamide in products, which must be strongly heated up when their production. Acrylamide releases cancer in the bioassay and damages the hereditary property. International committees hold it for probable that this effect arises also with humans. In a study at workers, who were exposed to acrylamide over a longer time, no causal connection between the acrylamide load and cancer illnesses could be proven. The force of expression of these studies is not sufficient however due to the low numbers of participants, in order to be able to determine a small rise of the cancer frequency by the load with acrylamide.

Reliable tests only now possible

The BgVV developed analysis methods, which make possible at all only a safe regulation acrylamide contents together with investigation mechanisms of the Lands of the Federal Republic and private laboratories. Starting from September tests stand in sufficient quantities for order, in order to accomplish reliable and representative investigations for the German market.


How does the pollutant emerge?
Much research compel many open questions there are on the other hand yet always with regard to the origin of Acrylamid. What is confessed: the material emerges in the manufacture of stärkehaltigen groceries. Also the existence of a stickstoffhaltigen reaction partner must be guaranteed. Temperature, Erhitzungsdauer, dryness degree, the composition of the contents materials and in potatoes also sort and warehouse conditions seem to play at the same time next to possible further factors a role.

In products, with which by the temperature load of the water salaries most extensive reduced become is, especially high Acrylamidgehalte seem to emerge. As soon as the influence of these factors is protected, technological changes of the manufacture processes of industrially manufactured products can be diverted hence. That will last yet some time, but according to BgVV exisitieren already promising extensions in order to sink the salaries in groceries gradually.

Private problem area:
the domestic deep fryer a special problem with regard to the development of Acrylamid the private household represents. Also here Acrylamid can emerge in the Frittieren, roast, rusting or cheeks in critical quantities. The meaning of single origin factors must become abgeklärt in order to give the possibility to the consumer, to avoid high Acrylamidgehalte in the characteristic kitchen. Same applies to gastronomy and partnership provisions.


Matter of price: Who particularly eats much chips and Corn Flakes?

Potato chips and chips belong to the most highly loaded product groups. Acrylamide was proven (partially in clearly lower quantities) in addition, in before-roasted breakfast cereal, pastry and other nibbling articles. The values vary partially substantially between the loads and between products of different manufacturers. The conception is still more unpleasant that the admission of the poison with the eating habit varies itself around the factor 5 to 6. Children, who eat not rarely daily chips, are loaded not only by the frequent consumption more, but also by it compared with adult smaller body weight that must become finished with the high acrylamide quantities.

Parents should try to change the nourishing habits over of their children: Fruit, vegetables and meat can regarding acrylamide heedlessly absorbed to become.

More transparency for the consumer
The consumer cannot wait, until the acrylamide problem is solved. This view the representative of the Federal association of the consumer centers, Angelika Michel Drees takes. It appealed to the manufacturers to inform the consumers more strongly than so far and to make the load of the food with acrylamide for the consumer transparency.

More to acrylamide: www.bgvv.de


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