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Acrylamide in the meal II

Alarm also in the country of the potato chips

We all have a problem: Food strongly heated up forms and stores the carcinogen plastic acrylamide in large quantities. Before the manufacturers can work on the food more carefully, Own initiative is announced with everyone of us

A plastic construction stone, actually from the packaging industry admits, spoils for months thoroughly the appetite to us: Acrylamide, in the bioassay carcinogenic and "reproduction-disturbing", develops with heating sugary food up in causing concern high quantities. After in Sweden in April 2002 in potato chips, chips, cracker and crispbread values of over 1.000 micro gram acrylamide per kilogram were found (with an income maximum quantity of 1 micro gram per humans and day, specified by the World Health Organization WHO,!-), the fear of cancer goes around in Europe. Specialists classify the problem acrylamide as substantially more important as as other food scandals in the recent time. In contrast for example to Nitrofen, the danger for the population, who proceeds from acrylamide, is not temporally or spatially limited.

Actionism from official side?

Then it is serious! The authorities strive to assign laboratories new reliable methods of analysis and the manufacturers of the food concerned work feverful to limit the emergence of the pollutant at least in its quantity. Newest development in the explosive area: In order to shorten lengthy linear paths, Bundesinstitut for health consumer protection and veterinary medicine (www.bgvv.de) recommends to introduce a "action value" from 1.000 micro gram acrylamide per kilogram of food. Measured from this appoximate value, the threat is to be lowered as fast as possible. "acrylamide is a substance, those probably also with humans cancer to release and the hereditary property damage can" formulates Dr. Dieter Arnold, director/conductor of the BgVV, in all clarity: "we consider the acrylamide admission over food precarious and demand the manufacturers therefore seriously up to undertake all efforts to lower the contents so fast and as far as possible". The fact that consumers possibly already took up high quantities of acrylamide over food for years, makes it only quite necessary to solve the problem rapidly and if necessary gradually.


Alarm also in the country of the potato chips

The panic wave already successfully sloshed over the large pond. Canadian researchers found even, like the cancer exciter acrylamide out in food such as potato chips, cookies and bread come now. Thereafter the plastic develops if the amino acid asparagine, which occurs in starches food such as potatoes and grain grains, is roasted or baked at high temperature and combined with the natural sugar glucose. The Canadian Ministry of Health "Health Canada" instructed all food manufacturers in the country on it on Monday to avoid and look for for alternative production processes the combination of asparagine and glucose at high temperatures. Also the American health authority FDA discussed the result on Monday with the foodstuffs industry and consumer associations.

Consumer protection? earliest by the consumer!

Acrylamide in the meal is a problem, with which humans probably live, since they heat food up. Before you now thus "who protects me and my children against things?" proclaim, run before a mirror and look you: There you see exactly humans, who will lower the acrylamide risk from today on in your family. We give you
the apparatus in addition to the hand.

Where does much acrylamide particularly lauert?

They nourish themselves for years healthy?

That uses in this case unfortunately few, since all food is concerned, in the process of their production to be heated up must and asparagine and sugar contain. That is not when cereals mixtures unfortunately different than with also the potato chips despicable for other reasons. The magazine Oekotest found acrylamide now also in rye wheat and rye bread and there particularly in the crust: Related to average daily rations (233 gram) the load between 1,2 and 14,5 micro gram amounts to acrylamide.

How it looks in the comparison to it with other food, you a list shows
Swiss of the Federal Office:http://www.bag.admin.ch/verbrau/aktuell/d/


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