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Dietary fiber

For a long time it was disputed whether a dietary fiber-rich nutrition can reduce the intestine cancer risk. A European study also of 500.000 participants speaks clearly for it

A dietary fiber-rich nutrition lowers the risk to get sick with large intestine cancer around more than one third. This result supplies the so far largest study financed by the European Union over the European nourishing behavior EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into CAN cerium and Nutrition). More than 500,000 persons at the age between 25 and 70 years in ten countries (Denmark, Germany, France, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain) looked the scientists on the plates.

The connection between the consumption of dietary fiber and the large intestine cancer risk was so far disputed. EPIC supplied a clear result: The large intestine cancer rate sinks over up to 40 per cent, if the admission of the ballast materials of 13 gram per day is increased to 35 gram per day. The kind of the ballast materials does not play a role. In the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Denmark grain represents the main source of ballast material. In France and Great Britain vegetable in highest place ranks, while one falls back in Italy and France dearest to fruit. The study results were published in the trade paper Lancet.










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