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Chronic pain

German physicians knausern with pain means each fourth German about 14 years so the result of an exclusive inquiry of the pharmacies Umschau complains about chronic pain. With combined therapies pain warns before dangers and diseases, motivates us, to go to the physician and prevents so worse could be helped to many.

But for many patients the pain lost its warning function. It became even the illness. 15,4 million humans in Germany suffer from chronic pain? that resulted in an inquiry of the inquiry of GRP on
behalf of the magazine pharmacies Umschau. Constantly recurring pain the affect daily work just
like hobbies and leisure activities. Who has constantly pain, which it classifies on a decimal scale
with a value over 5, is considered as a pain patient; likewise who is clearly reduced often in its everyday life activities.

German physicians knausern with pain means

That German pain patients suffer often unnecessarily, a view points to the statistics: German physicians order importantly more rarely strong pain means (Opioide) than their colleagues in other European countries.

"only one of ten patients, who need Opioide, gets it" estimates also ordered professor Michael Zenz, director/conductor of the hospital for Anaesthesiologie, intensive and pain therapy at the workers' compensation board hospital miner welfare in Bochum. Reasons not to order Opioide are in the judgement of the expert only excuses.

Numerous studies show that the preparing used to the pain relief do not release dependence. Professor Lehmann brings the problem on the point: "up to 95 per cent of the tumor patients no pain would have to suffer to to their end of life. One reaches however only with approximately 15 per cent."

Insufficient therapy lets pain become chronic

Insufficient pain therapy lets patients suffer not only unnecessarily, it reduced smaller also the
chance that the pain disappears again. Untreated pain itself, sometime suffers the patient pain, although its illness healed long.

By complicated neurophysiological processes the nerve cell, which announces pain to the brain, continues to send its signals without reason. Nerve cells, which absorb the transmission of pain,
are switched off by the continuous pain. In this stage the therapy is difficult.

Experienced pain therapist combines therefore three therapeutic beginnings to terminate over the agonies or at least too lindern: by medicines with psychological support and with the influence of
the pain memory, e.g. by electrical therapy. Apotheken Umschau


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