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Meal disturbances

Meal disturbances: lengthens no "woman illness" more

Each third pupil in Germany suffers from the early form of a meal disturbance.

To this frightening result a current study of the institute comes for medical psychology of the Friedrich Schiller university Jena. 736 persons at the age of 12 to 32 years from east and West Germany became on early symptoms of a meal disturbance such as anorexia nervosa (anorexia) or Bulimie examines. With 29 per cent of the women and 13 per cent of the men the Jenare researcher became to find.

The results are particularly alarming with the pupils: 35 per cent of the asked ones gathering molds
of the illnesses show, with 14 per cent exist even a very high risk, a meal disturbance to develop.


Meal disturbances: lengthens no "woman illness" more

Meal disturbances increase for 20 years steadily. According to estimations of the federal center for health clearing-up more than 100,000 women suffered approximately 600,000 women between 15 and 35 years at anorexia nervosa, are concerned of the meal Brechsucht in the year 2000 in Germany. Increasingly also do men at these get sick? so far as woman diseases designated? psychosomatischen disturbances.

Important: to typical early symptoms pay attention

Since neither causes nor factors of risk are exactly investigated, the Jenaer team directed a special attention around professor Dr. Bernhard Strauss toward gathering molds and early symptoms: a disturbed meals, the pronounced concern around the weight and the figure as well as the clear tendency to adjust the weight mean.

"this is reached for example by chronic Diaethalten, chamfering days, vomiting, Food accumulation, excessive sport driving or the income from medicines to removing such as Appetitzueglern, exhausting or drainage means," says bunch.

The realistic body perception is lost
The scientists found out that psychological remarkablenesses and disturbances of the body perception are connected with the meal disturbances frequently: Thus estimated themselves 42 per cent of the pupils as over weighty, although only 8 per cent actually had predominance. On the other hand 33 per cent of the pro gangs was underweight, about which however judged themselves only 6 per cent also in such a way. With increasing risk for the development it succeeded to a meal disturbance ever more rarely to the test subjects to estimate their weight realistically? an important reference point for the severity level of the meal disturbance.

Slimness ideal is a health risk
Professor Strauss demands as consequence that "urgently effective concepts for prevention and suitable Screening methods must be developed for the early recognition by persons with a subclinical Essstoerung".

Also the slimness ideal along-formed by the media represents a large risk. "many women forgot the realistic perception of their own body and the satisfaction with their figure".



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