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Is not fat equal to fat

From today on it stands again on my purchase note: Fat! Because this morning I inquired with my physician whether fat is really generally so unhealthy. And from it interesting things received there: I do actually only reluctantly without the fat in the Sundays soup.

Also today I have it again on my purchase note. With good conscience. Because of my physician I experienced: Fat is vitally necessary. For example the Triglyceride. 90 per cent of the fats, which lie here in form of most diverse food in my trolley, are a mixture from Triglyceriden. They are an important energy supplier and for "bad times" also as fatty tissue are stored. At the same time this fatty tissue protects our internal organs and warms.


Is not fat equal to fat

Chemically seen the Triglyceride consists of Glycerin and fatty acids. Dependent on their structure, then it explained to me the family doctor, differentiates between one satisfied, simply insatiated and several times insatiated fatty acids. I take up these fatty acids on the one hand with the food, on the other hand one she can manufacture my body also. The several times insatiated fatty acids may be missing in no case in the trolley. Because these fats the body cannot manufacture. They arrive only with the food into the body and as essential fatty acids are designated. Naturally I inquired this morning with my family doctor also about the so often scolded Cholesterin. He explained to me descriptive that Cholesterin is an important building material for the cells in our body. Did you know for example that Cholesterin is a basic substance of bile acids? Or that it is indispensable for the structure of certain hormones? Turned around it unhealthily, if we take up too many satisfied fatty acids with the food.

Then the Cholesterinspiegel in the blood rises.

And this happens fast: Satisfied fatty acids particularly are in vegetable deep-fried fat (e.g. cocos fat) and in animal fats as for example butter or lard contain. In fat pastry, fat sausage and fat cheese they hide themselves proper.

LDL cholesterol clogs containers

I must watch out thus that I pack not too many of these hidden fats in my trolleys. Because it can become dangerous, if the cholesterol in the blood rises.

The surplus cholesterol settles with the time at the gefaesswaenden. Thus they lose at elasticity and narrow increasingly. The specialist speaks then of a Arteriosklerose. In the worst case the container can even clog and the supplied fabric here die. Under certain conditions it can lead also to a cardiac infarct or an impact accumulation.

My family doctor by the way explained still more in detail it to me: Cholesterin is transported in the blood by certain protein materials. One calls these complexes Lipoproteine and differentiates between HDL and LDL. LDL transports the Cholesterin into the gefaesswand, HDL transports it from the blood away into the liver. LDL promotes thus the risk and HDL lowers the risk to get sick with Arteriosklerose. The LDL Cholesterin is therefore called the "bad" and the HDL Cholesterin as the "good" Cholesterin.

Buy without formulas

Oh ever! If I stand here before the trolley, that sounds already very theoretical. There hold I rather on mean themselves family doctor. He guessed/advised me simply: Exchange "hard" fats for "evade" to fat. Because the hard fats contain many unhealthy satisfied fatty acids. Switch of fats against it many healthy simply and several times insatiated fatty acids. Therefore I exchange the Frittierfat and the butter from my trolley against the healthier rapeseel oil.

On your purchase note more frequently vegetable fats should stand.
They are free from Cholesterin.

Animal fats against it contain many gesaettige fatty acids and Cholesterin. Thus I exchange also here: for example the fat cheese against a vegetable bread upstroke or the butter against Diaetmargarine. For my salads I use in the future food oils, which are particularly rich to simple and several times insatiated fatty acids. For example olive oil, rapeseel oil or sonnenblumenoel. Naturally in masses, because them are also calorie suppliers.

Eat more fish

Sea fish contain many Omega-3-Fettsaeuren, which lower the Cholesterinspiegel.

They notice: My attendance with the family doctor this morning has means purchase notes brought completely beautifully in disorder. But now I have no more time. I must home. Meals cook. With "healthy" fat naturally. Something else does not come me any longer into the bag.

Preventing means from the pharmacy:

Garlic prevents that Cholesterin settles at the gefaesswand. The flow characteristic of the blood improves.

Artichoke lowers the unhealthy LDL Cholesterin.

Fischoil contains Omega-3-Fettsaeuren. They lower the unhealthy LDL Cholesterin.


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