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Flu protection
Full inoculation protection only after two weeks developed who for the winter against flu inoculate to let would like myself or must, can this immediately with the family doctor or public health authorities to do

All endangered persons should in the next weeks and months against the virus flu be inoculated let themselves, this recommend Robert Koch-Institut in Berlin and Paul Ehrlich Paul-Ehrlich-Institut in being enough each year. For persons with certain basic suffering and for older humans an Influenzavirus infection represents a special endangerment, because it comes in the disease process frequently to complications. Often are this bacterial pneumonias, which can end deadly. "the best protection from a virus flu exists in the in time accomplished inoculation, which should be repeated due to the high change ability of the Influenzaviren annually with the current vaccine of the season", stresses a speaker Robert of the institute for cook.

The Influenzaimpfung is important in addition for persons, who come daily with many humans into contact. Like that physicians and male nurses are for example, in addition, other hospital personnel with direct patient contact, in increased measure an infection risk suspended and the Influenzainfektion can transfer to others, in this case to particularly endangered ill or old humans during its activity.
Same applies to the persons employed in geriatric homes.

Full inoculation protection only after two weeks developed

The Influenza inoculation should be accomplished as as possible in October or November, since most medical cases arise between Decembers and April. After the inoculation the immune system needs approximately 14 days, in order to develop a complete immune protection, it begins at the earliest after one week.

Fear of heavy side effects does not need to have anybody. "for some years the used gap vaccines from killed Influenzaviren are well compatible", explain an expert of the Paul Ehrlich institute. Besides each vaccine load by Paul Ehrlich Paul-Ehrlich-Institut one control and one release only then for application.

Also of the Pneumokokken inoculation think

The virus flu is not however only dangerous. The constant inoculation commission at Robert Koch-Institut recommends humans over sixty years as well as all persons with a increased health endangerment due to a basic illness (chronic illnesses or immune defect) since 1998 the inoculation against Pneumokokken (with a Polysaccharidimpfstoff).

For children under two years when being present a health disturbance or further factors of risk an inoculation with a Pneumokokken Konjugatimpfstoff is recommended. Pneumokokken (Streptococcus pneumoniae) are important exciters of pneumonias and brain skin inflammations. According to estimations dies in Germany annually 4000 to 8000 humans? above all old and chronically patient? at (invasiven) Pneumokokken infections.

Beside the Influenza are thereby Pneumokokken illnesses the most frequent cause of death in Germany, which could be avoided by inoculation. For the Pneumokokken is possible a common inoculation date with the Influenzaimpfung. The Pneumokokkenimpfung is fundamental the whole year over possible. An annual repetition of the Pneumokokken inoculation should be made in no case, because the inoculation protection works six years.



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