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Heart cycle

American researchers came to the conclusion that the Cholesterinwerte is not sufficient alone, around the risk for heart diseases, impact accumulation or container illnesses precisely to determine a substantial role play the C-reactive protein in such a way specified (CRP), a protein, which prevents obviously container-protecting processes.

The researcher team in the magazine "Circulation" reports. In a set of experiments the researchers discovered a new molecular mechanism, which promotes the emergence of harmful deposits, Plaques
so mentioned in the gefaesswaenden: The C-reactive protein donates white blood corpuscles and other molecules on to attach itself to the walls and promotes thereby the emergence of arteriosklerotischen Plaques.

At the same time it prevents the protection enzyme "EN OS" to work against adhering and to keep the containers healthy. The results could supply new beginnings for the development of medicines, say the medical profession. So that physicians can classify the personal risk of a patient more exactly, also the quantity of the C-reactive protein in the blood should be determined, guesses the scientists beside the Cholesterinwerten.







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