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Already in the antiquity assumed Hippokrates of connections between the psychological condition "melancholy" and the emergence of cancer. Until today it gives advocate of the theory of the "cancer character" it takes on no consideration, sacrifices themselves for the needs of others up, swallows annoyance simply down and displaces unpleasant feelings such as rage and annoyance? the typical cancer patient. Is there really it?

Power grief ill?
Some speaks for it complex interaction of psyche, nerve and immune system is the subject of a still recent science, the Psychoneuroimmunologie. Their research results seem to support the thesis of the cancer personality indirectly: There are references that our immune system reacts to mental influences. The immune system plays a key role after the thesis of the immune monitoring during the tumor emergence: With each humans? so the acceptance? develop again and again isolated cancer cells. They are recognized of an intact immune system as strange and made innocuous. It would be theoretically conceivable the fact that an immune system that by certain mental conditions is chronically weakened, repels cancer more badly. The mental condition of humans could affect in addition the self healing forces of humans. A group of researchers pursued for example the fate of breast cancer patients with and without depression over five years. The number of deaths with female patients with a depressive illness was increased 3.6 subject by.

Some speaks against it
Critics consider the theory of the "cancer personality" problematic, because she puts as it were a partial responsibility at its illness to the gotten sick one on. It mostly functions also only in the reversal conclusion. So a Wuerzburger group of researchers could show that the "typical" features were nearly always found with patients, who already knew their diagnosis. The alleged cancer personality could be thus also the natural reaction to the knowledge around the serious illness. It is quite conceivable that there is a connection between mental condition and illness. But which life events affect themselves in individual cases negatively, is probably individually very different: Which means for humans "stress", must be loading for another not exactly the same. There are individual differences in the processing of loading situations? those cannot be considered.
Result: At the current time there is no secured knowledge over it whether and how under the influence of psychologically loading situations the risk of a cancer illness increases. With the emergence of cancer different, so far only partly well-known factors cooperate. How possible psychological influences are to weights, nobody can say exactly. Independently of it, whether and how the psyche may be taken part in the disease emergence it is a good psychological support for many concerning of large importance.
Readtap: of O. Carl Simonton, Stephanie Matthews Simonton, becomes "again healthy" James Creighton. The physician O.C. Simonton concerned himself intensively with the question whether connections between the mental condition of a patient and the process of its illness exist. In its book for cancer patients and its members Simonton describes its experiences and gives guidances for the activation of the self healing forces.


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