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The nicotine spare product is without prescription available its round 50 million smoker in the USA to be able to do starting from at the end of November their nicotine craze with a Lutschtablette to fight. The US health authority FDA has nicotine drop "Commit" only according to manufacturer the first and for the US market certified the nicotine spare product should in Drug net curtain, supermarkets and with wholesale dealers without prescription be available. Only in the past spring nicotine Lollis were taken by the market. Since that time nicotine spare products need a permission by the health authority. According to data of the Pharmakonzerns the Lutschtabletten distinguishes a "singular dosing system". The time after rising up to the first cigarette ("time ton roofridge Cigarette") determines the dose: Those, which smoke their cigarette within 30 minutes after rising, the lutschen four milligramm strong drop. Those, which dare the grasp after a half hour to the cigarette, the lutschen two milligramm strong drop. The manufacturers assume this method seizes dependence most exactly.

"Commit" works immediately, after it is put into the mouth, stresses the Pharmaunternehmen. By the Lutschvorgang nicotine becomes seperate. According to manufacturer stop-willing smokers need in the context of a twelve-week program ever less Lutschtabletten, until the nicotine craze belongs then finally to the past. The Lutschbonbons should be dollar available in 72-Stueckpackungen and a packing price of approximately 40.








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