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Anorexia nervosa

Researchers of the University of cathedral could show that with lean-addicted female patients the brain mass decreases. Compared with healthy women is their mental efficiency decreases a team from psychologists and radiologists of the university cathedral examined twelve concerning with an average Body measure index of 14,9. The women were on the average 22 years old. They fared in all neuropsychological investigations more badly than healthy women, approximately when reminding words, tests on response times or with tasks of concentration. Picture-giving investigations showed a reduction of the brain mass. Stoffwechselprodukte, which give referring to density, integrity and functionality of nerve cells, were reduced in certain brain regions. The biochemical parameters correlated with the mental achievement losses and with the Depressivitaet of the female patients.

" In the first phase of their Askese the female patients are often more efficient than before ", report Dr. Patricia ear man of the hospital for psychiatry and Psychotherapie of the University of cathedral. Do the concerning achieve however clear underweight? a Body measure index of 17,5 or less? take think -, learning and reactivity off.


During a therapy the women increased clearly, also their inclination to the depression decreased/went back. The examined neurobiological and psychological parameters did not improve nevertheless also six months after therapy success. "we hope that such an improvement still occurs in the further process", says ear man.

They and its radiology colleague Privatdozentin Dr. Bettina Pfleiderer assume a continuous lack of nutrients as well as associated hormone fluctuations (a decrease of Oestrogen and a vermehrung of Glukokortikoiden) destroy the nerve cells. Therefore the brain mass decreases. Not least in order to prevent such consequences, which did not regress possibly in every case, it is important to treat early and effectively says ear man.

Anorexia nervosa (anorexia) is a psychologically caused Ess disturbance, with which the concerning limit their food intake strongly. The patients hungern, are exaggerated sporty, some seize to exhausting means, Appetitzueglern or land on water-rubbing medicines, in order to lose in weight. The body weight of the patients is clearly under the normal value. About 95 per cent of the lean-addicted are women. The illness takes their beginning usually during or after puberty.Ärzte Zeitung/HealthPro.de





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