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Cigarette smoke & bacteria

Defense cells attack alveoli mostly get it smokers: Each tenth adult German suffers from chronic bronchitis, from their consequences even eight per cent of the men gotten sick and a per cent of the women concerned dies with the investigation of damaged lung fabric found physicians now an unexpected "accomplice of the destruction": Chlamydien, special bacteria, which survive within landlord cells, provoke the immune system so much the fact that it harms the patient more as if is useful. Tobacco smoke makes the Bronchialschleimhaeute sensitive for viruses and bacteria, which let the respiratory system swell by continual inflammations.

The consequence: Inhaled air can leave the lung no longer completely, it stays a remainder. With the time the pressure overstretches the alveoli, it can up to several centimeters become large. Finally the body diminishes the walls of the vesicles, "breath surface" is lost. This lung damage is called "Emphysem".

Defense cells attack alveolus the body-own immune defense have the task to protect us against penetrating micro organisms. In the case of a Lungenemphysems it follows its task too well: They attack the Chlamydien, which cover the lung fabric like small balls.

The presence of the Chlamydien provokes the immune system to intensified activity? Fresszellen form Auslaeufer to the Chlamydien and produce digesting enzymes, which are to dissolve the intruders. Unfortunately the enzymes perforate also the alveoli and support so still the dismantling processes of the Emphysems.

The medical profession hope now to be able to switch one off of the two lung destroyers. Antibiotics are to kill the Chlamydien and to stop the chronic, obstructive lung illness. You should vacate the other aggressor from the way:

The best stop with smoking!



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