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Apply preparates appropriately as follows:

Preparates that are being sold freely for delayed skin metabolism in old age should be applied for at least 8 weeks. The composition of preparates is arranged in such a way that it can generally be tolerated even by sensitive type of skin. Still, should rubor occur on the skin, treatment should be stopped and a doctor or a chemist should be seen. However the mixture shouldn’t be used around the eyes. This might cause unnecessary stimulation. Cosmetic products, containing herbal effective substances can be used as a supplement for the treatment of old age spots. Among them are Swede, watercress, cucumber extract, parsley and even green tea. Here the reducing agents of herbs are being used.

Our advice:

For personal sensitivity, first test every unknown preparate used against old age spots on your skin. To do this, apply a small amount of the product on the inner side of your upper arm. Observe this area in terms of itching, burning sensation or skin reactions for about 24 hours. If negative reactions did not occur, you can apply the preparate on your skin.


Problem: Chapped lips

During winter, when the weather is very dry, lips can chap more easily. Inflammation preventing, skin soothing and regenerating lip care creams with effective substances such as camomile, dekspantenol or oil substance combinations can diminish wounds.

Problem: UV-rays

Thanks to the colour pigments it contains, each colour lipstick provides a light UV-Protection with approximately between 2 and 4 protection agent. However this protection is not enough for intense UV - Load. Especially at the mountain and the sea it is recommended that sun protection sticks containing defined sun protection agent be used. Because lip skin does not have the opportunity to protect itself from UV – rays due to enough pigment formation or the thickening of the mucosa. Besides: Sun-Blocking-Creams over LF15 will protect you against lip herpes.


Problem: torn mouth angle

Tears in the mouth angles can have a harmless cause. Sometimes they are however also a discreet warning sign. What can stick behind it:

Vitamin B2-Deficiency:

A vitamin B2-Mangel can express itself next to tiredness and growth interferences also with tears in lips and mouth angles. That helps: liver, milk, grain and poultry contain especially much vitamin B2. heavy Mängel medicinally must treat become. A deficiency can be proved in the blood.

Iron deficiency:

Skin dry, brittle one of the typical indications is of iron deficiency, that can strike down itself also in the mouth angles. That helps: the physician in the blood can assess an iron deficiency. The deficit in the body can be balanced as a rule with iron preparation for taking in.

Candida albicans, most frequent pathogen of fungus diseases of the mucous membranes, belongs to the normal Mundhöhlenflora. Becoming encrusted tears in the mouth angle with weißlichem coating speak that the skin ignited itself based on the fungus. That helps: of the dermatologist cause unambiguously clear let.

especially in the cold season, the lips tend in addition, to dry up. The appearing itchiness misleads to continuous lips leak, what dries up the lips however in addition and promotes the inflammation. That helps: fatty night creams for the face. Protect the lips with maintaining fat pencil plus UV-filter. Ointments with Dexpanthenol or camomile extract promote the wound healing.

per theses that badly are adapted, can increase the saliva. The saliva lets the skin in the area of the mouth angles up source. The natural protection coat of the skin becomes full of holes so that easily inflammations extend make themselves. In in addition over acidification of the Magensaftes the problem can worsen.
That helps:
the dentist must adapt tooth clasp and per theses. The physician treats Magenübersäuerung. Provisionally wound well-being, disinfectting or analgesic preparations for applying with Dexpanthenol, Myrrhe, Salbei or camomile help



Blisters become encrusted and Pusteln in the mouth angle yellow brownish, much speaks for a "Grindflechte", causes through Staphylokokken or Streptokokken. An Abstrich of the stove of the inflammation gives information. That helps: a skin infection with Staphylokokken or Streptokokken befalls often the entire face. Concerned should therefore in any case to the dermatologist. It decides over a äußerliche or mental treatment for example with antibiotics.


Neurodermitis is a chronically inflammatory skin sorrow with strong itchiness. red, dry, barned skin – also in the face – as well as the increased Fältelung of the lips are typical. Because cold dries up, itchinesss can itself and aggravate skin irritations in the winter. That helps: the skin of a Neurodermitikers needs special care because it can hold bad moisture as healthy. Ointments with Feuchtigkeitsbindern as well as urine material are meaningful therefore. Active agent free care ointment on water-in-oil-basis suit itself just in the winter to the night cultivated but of also to the day cultivated of the face. Fat pencils protect the lips.


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