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Multy-content substance, versatile effect

Calendula has also proven its effect on strains, bruises, burns, frostbites, vein circulation disorders and leg abscesses as well. The healing plant is used for the infections of the mouth and pharynx mucosa. Which of the many effective substances of this interesting plant is responsible for the healing effect and why all of the extract is used, still remains a mystery. Apparently, ether oils flavonoid and saponin play an important part.

Enhancement for cosmetic products

Mixtures obtained from the same stage have almost no side effects. Allergic reactions are rarely observed. This perfect compatibility makes aynisefa which is used only in wound and treatment pomades, interesting. Cosmetic industry also makes use of Calendula’s soothing and inflammation preventing features. For this reason, aynisefa extract takes place not only in a variety of creams and lotions but also especially in sun screen products, bathing supplements, soaps and hair care products. In pharmacies you can find a vide range of care products – among them are daily moisturising creams, night creams with rich content, body lotions and oils as well as special products for hand, eye and lip care. Care sets for babies and small children can also be added
to it.






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