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Why do old age spots form?
Some people might find harmless brown spots irritating; some others might even feel psychologically under pressure. Thanks to modern cosmetics, there are things that can be done against those signs of time. Old age spots should only be treated automatically if those typical changes are present. Appropriate preparates are effective in different areas of the skin surface and cure skin colour changes. For this reason, a combination of effective substances is preferred.

Why Do Old Age Spots Form?

Normally, the colour substance of the skin, melanin, is being formed continuously and in equal proportions of concentrations. It’s duty is to protect the skin against excessive exposition to UV, which is responsible for the formation of old age spots. Due to old age, not only the regeneration of the skin slow down and the thickness becomes irregular, but also the pigment colour substance, melanin, piles up irregularly. This is formed in the melanosites of the skin surface. However, due to the slow down of the skin metabolism, melanin cannot be discharged as fast as in the yought. To put it simply, old age spots are formed due to the increasing amount of the skin colour substance.

Cream & Co

why emerge age spots? Some perceive the harmless brown spots on the skin as disturbing, some even as psychic onerously. Thanks to the modern cosmetic, it gives only may result possibilities to do something against these signs of the time the even treatment of the age spots if it concerns also really these typical variations. The suitable preparations attack at different places of the waiter skin and normalize the
scin Coloring. Therefore active agent combinations are preferred.

Why emerge age spots?

Normally the skin dye Melanin becomes continuous and in uniform concentration in the skin formed. It has the task of protecting the skin against excessive UV-radiation, that is responsible for the origin of age spots. Age contingent comes slowed down it not only to one renewal and to irregular Verdickungen of the skin, but rather also to an uneven accumulation of the pigment dye Melanin. It is formed in the Melanozyten of the waiter skin. Through that, metabolisms of the skin in the age slowed down so quickly is dismantled the Melanin however no longer like in the youth. Simplified said, emerge age spots therefore through the increased existence of the skin dye Melanin.

Other substances of a combination preparation interfere into the pigment synthesis. This takes place in the Melanozyten. In order to change the amino acid Tyrosin in the dye, the ferment Tyrosinase is among other things necessary. On the other hand the Tyrosinase can become however only active if simultaneously the traces element copper exists. In the treatment of the age spots, one uses now substances that can check this activity of the ferment. One designates it as Tyrosinase-hemmer. In addition for example Glukonsäure belongs. It intercepts copper ions and regulates therewith the further development of the Melanins. To the Tyrosinasehemmern, also certain white mixtures belong and Dithiooktandiol.

Also other steps in the development of the pigment dye can be influenced. Is used the vitamin among other things C. It reduced determined steps in the development of the dye. So the final product Melanin cannot emerge.

Also the Betacaroten, that is designated as a provitamin A, and vitamin E have corresponding reducing characteristics. They interfere also into the flow of the synthesis. How one imagines the effect of the substances in combination preparation, you take simplifies please that represented graphic image. Often also vitamin are admitted the preparations A and Dexpanthenol in order to encourage the Zellerneuerung and to delay the skin fold development.

So you use the preparations correctly:

Based on the skin metabolism delayed in the age, freely marketable preparations should be used at least ca. eight weeks. The products so are put together that they are endured also by sensitive skin in general well. A skin reddening should appear nevertheless once, the treatment is to be interrupted and is to be taken with the physician and/or druggist consultation. The preparations may not be used however in the area of the eye parties. That could evoke unnecessary irritation. Supporting in the treatment of age spots, one can use Kosmetika with vegetable active agent. To this horseradish, well cress, Gurkensaft, parsley and even green tea belong. Also here one uses the reducing characteristics of the plant materials.

Our Tipp:

You should test each preparation against age spots that you not yet know previously on the individual compatibility on your skin. In addition you apply a little quantity of the product on the inside of the waiter arm. Observe the place about for 24 hours whether itch, burning appear or skin irritation. If no negative reaction resulted, you can use the preparation on the skin


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