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Skin Care

Vegetable oils for mature and dry skin types
In Autumn skin starts to dry out again. In this period, when the body’s self oil production reduces, vegetable oils are an intensive cure especially for mature and dry skin types.

Plus: Saturated Oil Acids

Above all, what ensures the rich content care effect is the saturated oils. Gamma – Linoleic acid plays an important part. It is stored directly in the skin during application and prevents skin from drying. One of the reasons why especially neurodermitis patients make use of mixtures containing linoleic acid is that they do not have an enzyme to produce linoleic acid. However, oils have a special caring effect on dry skin, because they hold the skin moisture. Especially well with high ratio of vitamin A


Oil for skin
– A brief overview:
Apricot oil is rich in saturated oil. Because apricot stones come out as a side product of the fruit industry they are reasonably priced regarding their cosmetic features.
Avocado oil is very durable and is also rich in vitamin, lesitin and above all rich in valuable Phytosterolen. It is the fastest spreading oil and is suitable for skin types, which are poor in moisture.
Zembil flower and esel flower oils are especially rich in Gamma – Linoleic acid and are widely found in neurodermitis care products.
Jojoba oil is different from other oils in terms of its chemical nature and can be easily absorbed by skin. Thanks to this, Jojoba oil creates a very nice feeling and long lasting effect on the skin.
Castor oil as opposed to other oils it dissolves in alcohol. That is why coemetics producers use them in hair lotions and acetones as lubricating component again. Besides, it is also used in hair care products and lash oils.
Wild oleaster tree oil is rich in vitamins. It’s red color comes from vitamin A‘s first ranks. These support the regeneration of the skin and it explains why the wild oleaster tree is being used in skin repairing products.
Soybean oil is the main component of the lubricating oil baths.
Wheat grain oil among all oils it contains the highest ratio of vitamin E. This, above all, is added as a supplementary to the cosmetic creams in order to enrich their caring effect.


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