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Herbal Treatment

Comedons can transform into acnes.

Comedons and acnes upset not only teenagers but also many women between 20 and 40 are fighting with them. Some soft herbal cosmetics can be useful.

The reason why the skin of teenagers is not clean is related to the hormonal changes during puberty. However, most people cannot easily get rid of these problems in the following years. According to an extensive research by Emnid Institute, one in every three women between 20 and 39 years of age have complaints about komedonlar and acnes now and then.


Acnes require dermatological treatment

If not only individual infected acnes and pimples appear but if especially single acne comes out, self-help may not be enough. In this case, a doctor should be seen.

You can do the following:

In care programs first of all you need to be patient. It generally takes a couple of weeks to get tangible results.

Soft cleansing – do not damage the acid protecting layer

Washing gels or Syndets which do not contain soap comprise the skin’s natural acid protection layer, which creates the right environment for the microorganisms that protect the skin and which prevents acne bacteria form growing. Besides thermal water chamomile and calendula essences sooth irritated skin. Güvercin agaci tightens the skin tissue and makes it look beautiful. Important: Use lukewarm water for cleaning. In inflamed acnes do not use towel or handkerchiefs. For drying it is best to press a piece of paper towel straight onto the skin.


Easy oils in greasy skin

Most cosmetic manufacturers set for the care of the greasy, impure skin on oil free Gele and Emulsionen. Beside it there are however also outspoken face oils. The easy oils – about out of almond or rice germ – should prevent that the tallow glands react to the fat withdrawal with reinforced characteristic production. Suitable additions are inflammation impeding camomile, disinfectting box blade, straffende Hamamelis as well as durchblutungsfördernder Rosmarin. Teebaum- and Neemöl cause antibakteriell and can prevent pimple.

Goods prepare – the face steam bath

After a face steam bath, with eaters can be removed protective: let give Heißes water into a bowl, admit uncover camomile extract or two to three drops oil ethereal of disinfectting Salbei, Rosmarin, lavender or a finished addition for impure skin; the head with a towel and hold the face ten minutes over the steam. After that fingers with a cosmetic cloth wrap up and empty the Komedonen through careful train. The self-help recommends itself to be sure only if the impurities are not ignited. In the inclination to pimple or existing Akne, a Kosmetikerin should undertake the depths cleaning.


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