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Tooth decays

The Americans are devising mouth sprays against decays.

Is brushing teeth becoming old-fashioned?
There is intensive research on mouth sprays and even vaccine against the hostile decay causing bacteria.

There are approximately 500 different types of bacteria in our mouth cavity; among them are representatives of Streptococcus-mutants-Group – the main agents of tooth decay, one of the biggest tooth killer pair. Professor Joachim Klimek, who is the director of the Polyclinic for Tooth Protection Knowledge and Preventive Tooth Treatment Knowledge at Justus-Liebig-University says, "20-30 % of the children and teenagers in our clinic have serious decay problems ".
Efforts on raising awareness are working, because the main reasons behind decay formation are, poor mouth hygiene and malnutrition.

Estimated annual treatment expenses and other related expenses mount almost to twelve billion Euros.


Not mature enough yet: Vaccine against decays

For a period more than 30 years there has been a research on a vaccine – so far unsuccessful. It can provide the organism with immunity against a specific microorganism, though. However, Mutants - Streptococcuses come in so many different types that there is a necessity to develop a serum against the whole group. Decay experts state that this was not accomplished so far. It is also stated that other acid-producing bacteria should take over the task and continue the process is also important.

The Americans are developing mouth spray against tooth decay

Clinic pre researches in the USA promisses more hope. There with the aid of a spray they are trying to fight decay at the early stages. At the focal point there is Glykosyltransferase which is an enzyme produced by bacteria. This has special abilities and enables bacteria help each other and help the tooth surface be covered by a biological film. These days researchers are trying to incite the formation of antibodies that blockade the enzyme and therefore suppresses the colonization of Mutants - Streptococcuses.


Nicht Bakterien, sondern ihr Stoffwechselprodukt Säure zerstört den Zahn

Das ist seit langem bekannt. Und bereits vor 15 Jahren entdeckte Forscher Jeff Hillman von der University of Florida in Tallahassee einen interessanten Mutanten von Streptococcus mutans: Aus den Kohlenhydraten, in erster Linie Zucker, mit denen wir unsere mikroskopisch kleinen Untermieter versorgen, produzieren sie keine ätzende Säure, sondern Alkohol, der hier harmlos ist. Erst durch die Entwicklung der Gentechnik kam dieser Erkenntnis eine neue Bedeutung zu: Seit rund zwei Jahren versucht man nun, die Alkohol produzierende Mutante im Genlabor zu erzeugen und im Mund gegen ihre aggressiven Verwandten auszutauschen. Aus Klimeks Sicht ist das eine erschreckende Vorstellung: "Niemand kann sagen, wie sich so ein gentechnisch verändertes Bakterium in der Mundhöhle verhält und was für weitere Mutationen auftreten können."

Im Test: Ein Mineral, das Löcher zuwachsen lässt

In eine ganz andere Richtung denkt man am Dresdner Max-Planck-Institut: Wie lässt sichder Zahn bei fortgeschrittener Karies retten? Aus Kalzium, Phosphat und Gelatine soll im Labor das Mineral Apatit gezüchtet werden, aus dem der Zahnschmelz besteht. Die Idee: Sobald der Zahnarzt die Karies entfernt hat, füllt er das Bohrloch mit dem Stoff auf, dieser bildet neue Apatit-Kristalle und lässt so den Zahn langsam wieder zuwachsen. "Die praktische Anwendung liegt noch in weiter Ferne", kommentiert Klimek.


In the progress: diagnostics and pain arms treatment improves

Where early mirror, probe and x-ray device in the use were, high-tech helps today: the newest devices recognize Karies through laser fluorescence and cover kariöse beginning stadiums even at hidden places up. Also before the boring, no one must have more anxiety. Instruments and filler materials so were refined that a minimal-invasive-first provision is possible. End Sweden comes one less painful alternative: a solution becomes on the tooth gespachtelt and "eats" the Karies away; a somewhat lengthy process with which it goes often not entirely without boring.

Proves: fluorides in toothpaste and food salt

"Fluorides are a proved weapon in the battle against the Karies", says professor Klimek. "You check the solution of the tooth mineral through acids and help, little mineral losses in the beginning stage of the Karies to replace." Of the idea, the drinking water to fluoridieren and of the routine ordinance of fluoride tray for children one is come off however again: almost each toothpaste contains today fluoride; in addition fluoridiertes food salt should be used in each household. Teeth plaster regular and healthy nourishment are essential point of the Karies-prophylaxis.


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