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Dry and brittle hair: Is the drying machine responsible for hair loss and split ends?

Ladies talk about almost everything: Work and cars, men and fashion, women and kitchen – and their hair: "My God what have you done to your hair? They are completely split-up! You didn’t blow-dry them, did you?" Silence in embarrassment. Then: "Yes. Why?" "Well, but didn’t you know that the worst thing that you can do to your hair is to blow-dry them?" "No. Just a few days ago I read something about it that was saying it is not true."

We wanted to know this exactly and made a research in the circle of generally well-educated hairdressers. One of Germany’s most popular hairdressers Gerhard Meir and "Le Coup"- Hair Studios in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich explained it as follows: "Generally you can dry your hair with blow-dry everyday. However, incorrect blow-drying can be really harmful for hair. The blow dryer shouldn’t be set to very hot and shouldn’t be held too close to the head. Besides, the hair shouldn’t be too wet during blow-drying. "

If you damaged the beauty of your hair by incorrect blow-drying, products for brittle hair at your pharmacy can be helpful.








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