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Leg Bondage

Leg bondage has relaxing, balancing, sleep supporting and fever dropping effect.
It is especially ideal for legs with varicose veins and legs feeling tired, heavy and numb. It is successfully applied in old tired people with weak blood circulation. However, it cannot warm up feet that are chronically cold – in this case a variable footbath or a variable change-foot-bath is recommended. As in all bondages, leg bondage too should always be applied in a lying position. For this, a bed in a room with a well-balanced temperature is very appropriate. If you are applying the bondage for dropping fever, you need to replace it when it warms up (approximately 15 minutes later).

Important: Before applying the bondage, the bag needs to be emptied.

Dip a towel (approximately 120 x 60 cm) in width half way down into water, with a little bit of vinegar added if needed, (approximately 18–20 °C; for reducing teperature approximately 25 °C).

Wrap the towel from foot up to knee, when doing this first position the wet part and position the dry part over it.
Cover the bondage from the outside with a blanket. Then apply the bondage to the other lower leg.








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