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Natural Skin Care

A well known metal in daily life becomes an innovative care substance. Cosmetics producers have discovered zinc for cell renewal.

There is approximately three and a half kilograms of minerals in our bodies. And each and every gram of it is important because all the cells in our bodies are in need of mineral salts and eser elements. As far as the skin renewal is concerned, enzymes are responsible for the elasticity and the strength of the tissue and all cell activities. These biological catalysts, which activate cell metabolism, need potassium, calcium, zinc and others in order to function properly. So for a smooth and delicate skin, it is very important to take enough nourishment with minerals and eser elements.

Copper plays an important part in cell renewal for skin. Eser element supports the attachment of collagen and elastic fibers to one another in the ligament tissue. Furthermore, it supports the enzymes that transfer old ligament tissue. It has an inflammation preventing effect. Skin needs copper for pigment formation and therefore natural protection from light.


For correct nutrition fish, hazelnut, walnut and banana

Our organism needs approximately two milligrams of copper salts daily for an optimal metabolism. Those who have a balanced and variable diet and those who consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, take this amount with food. Liver, kidney, cod as well as whole grain products and dried beans, walnut-hazelnut and almond are good sources of copper. However, orange, mushroom, avocado, banana and garlic also contain considerable amount of copper.

How does copper penetrate through skin?

However with old age the amount of copper in the body reduces. Cell activities decrease – obvious results are: The strength of the skin decreases, first wrinkles appear. Cosmetic producers have been conducting extensive research to prepare eser element in such a way that cells can absorb it externally. It appears that they succeeded. The trick here is: Metal sticks to tiny protein frames. These «Peptics» are naturally found in our organism. An American holding - Johnson & Johnson’s Research and Development Manager Yohini Appa says, «Cells, therefore, can define the eser element as a substance that belongs to the body itself» and he adds «and they use it for the skin reconstruction». Copper that is activated in the cells dissolves the old collagen and also incites the reproduction of it.


That says the science

The US-dermatologist Dr. James Leyden, professor at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, reviewed the effects of kupferhaltigen in a so named double blind study and not kupferhaltigen face creams at 67 participants. After twelve weeks, the skin of those women which used the kupferhaltige product felt, both more smoothly and yieldr at – and it appeared more firmly.

Ideal copper source: Mineral waters and Malachit

On its long way through deep rock layer and clay layer reichert itself source water with different mineral salts and traces elements on. Many cosmetic makers trust on the maintaining powers of healing thermal source. Next to copper, the water contains among other things also calcium, iron, silicon, magnesium and zinc. This active agent mixture encourages the metabolism of the cells, supports the damp stop fortune of the skin, calms and stabilizes. Also out of Malachit, the satisfied green jewel and kupferhaltigen mineral cosmetic manufacturers win a care material after different refinement processes for claimed skin, that for example face-packs enriches.


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