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Warning Variable Factor

Tar preparates and direct sun light are a problematic combination.

In chronic inflamed skin diseases such as Psoriasis and neurodermitis, tar preparates which are sold in the form of cream, gel, sculp gel and bath supplement can provide versatile benefits with one applicationr: Mixtures mainly comprising aromatic hydrocarbons not only heal itch irritation but also are effective against isnflammations and prevent infections. Additionally, in the skin desease, which is called Psoriasis in the medical jargon, it prevents the skin cells which increase and cause silver skin eruption on the elbows, knees, coccyx area and the sculp due to the desease from spreading. This "antiproliferatif effect" presumably is created by individual tar components attaching to the hereditary substance DNA. UV – radiation reinforces the cell growing preventive effect, in such a way that doctors make use of it in the treatment of Psoriasis. But at the same time the skin becomes more sensitive to light.

Recommendation: In inflamed skin deseases the person to be treated with tar preparates shouldn’t be exposed to direct sun light. Experts recommend that the terapy should be restricted to four weeks and should be applied under a doctor’s supervision.








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