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Giving Up Smoking 

Sucking tablets

As of November, approximately 50 million smokers in the USA can fight with a sucking tablet for nicotine addicts. The USA – Health association FDA, as its producers define, has granted permission to ''Commit'', the one and only nicotine bonbon, to appear on the USA market.

The nicotine support product will be on sale at chemists, supermarkets and larger dealers without prescription. Last spring nicotine candy was lifted from the market. Since then, nicotine support products need a permission to be granted by the health authority.

According to the information given by the Pharmacology holding sucking tablets have a "perfect dosage system“. Period of time after waking up and lighting the first cigarette ("Time to First Cigarette") determines the dosage: People who light their first cigarettes in 30 minutes after waking up, sucking the four milligrams worth bonbon. Those who dare to touch a cigarette at the end of 30-minute period after waking up sucking two milligram worth bonbon. Producers think that this method deals with addiction in the best way possible.

"Commit", shows its effect right after it is taken into the mouth says the pharmacology administration. Thanks to the sucking process nicotin decomposes. According to the information given by the producer, volunteer addicts who are considering giving up smoking gradually need lesser sucking bonbons in the frame of a twelwe week program, until their addiction is eventually left behind in the past. It is stated that sucking bonbons will be sold in packages containing 72 bonbons for the price of 40 dollars.







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