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Babies and small children

Small children and babies can get high temperature more easily: Spending a couple of minutes in an over-heated car can be life treathtening for them. Never leave them unattended in a car.

The interior of a car can reach high temperatures very quickly during Summer months. Everybody knows the phenomenan: when you return to your car after leaving it for a couple of minutes at the parking lot, your fingers burn the moment you touch the steering wheel. Auto Club Europa (ACE) warns, "When summer, sun and neglect are combined for drivers, generally children who are travelling with them are the ones who are under greater treath."

Small bodies are under treath

Babies and small children considering the interior of their bodies have a larger skin surface compared to adults. This is why they, compared to adults, display higher sensitivity towards temperature flactuations. Vhen body temperature raises their bodies react with increase in blood circulation and perspiration, in order to release heath again. In over heat and loss of liquid this mechanism doesn’t work. In such cases, life treathening results such as collapsinng due to over heat or having a high temperature shock can occur. Even a few minutes to be spent in a hot car can lead to fatal consequences for babies and small children. Last Thursday in county Bawiera, a two-year-old child has died because his mother left him alone in the car for three hours. The temperature in the car has reached 80°C.

Do not trust the side window that is left open

The temperature in the interior of a car increases in average, one Centigrade degrees every one minute, says ACE. "Cooking oven effect" increases due to large front and rare windshields. Even a slightly open side window cannot considerably prevent the heat storage in the interior of a car caused by the sun.

Take the children with you even in short distances

Even if it is too difficult and you have to buy something in a short period of time: Never leave children alone in the car. Children can face health damage anyway. The club is alsa warning that trees providing shade shouldn’t be trusted either – because the sun moves, shade will change place very quickly. Also bear in mind that children need more lquid: Give them cold and sugarfree drinks. Do not just walk away when you see other children: If they are locked in cars in very hot weather, do not hesitate to call the police or rescue services.


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