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Law ammendment:

For the father-child cure the insurance institution undertakes the expenses.

Up until now insurance institutions themselves used to determine whether the expenses for a cure would be undertaken or not, or to which limit they could be undertaken.

Now this has come to an end: Legal health insurances have to undertake all the expences.

In the previous years mothers who were already suffering from stress, had to confront the insurance institutions regarding undertaking the expences for the cure: According to the instruction manual’s directions each institution used to determine the amount to to be paid, as some sort of shared financing and to relieve the managers, it was forcing the families to partially put their hands into their own pockets.


Now it’s over.

With the wotes of SPD, THE GREENS, CDU/CSU, FDP and PDS the Federal Parliament have unanimously reached a decision in 28 June 2002 that it is necessary for legal health insurances to fully finance mother-child cures. Representatives of the German Federal Parliament, therefore, with a small ammendment in the law, had an opportunity to clear the biggest unjustice for mothers and their children regarding medical treatment and rehabilitation. The general manager to Kur + Reha GmbH (represantative of five Mother-Child-Cliniques) Melcher Franck comments: "Finally draft a law that equalises the medical treatment and rehabilitation rights and responsibilities of mothers and children with general medical rehabilitation.“

However, the cure will not be fully free in the future: Lawfully the ratio tahat is dedicated for a person is estimated to be 9 Euro per day. Under certain conditions some families can be excempt from paying this amount too.

For detailed information, application forms to download and information about Mother-Child-Cliniques check the address www.mutter-kind-kur.de. Also, from Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 16.00 there is a free phone number 0800 / 2 23 23 73 you can use to get information.

Also papa should can cures

Over a half million of men in Germany raise its/e child he) alone. Together with many other fathers, who seriously take its parental duties, also they suffer increasingly under multiple load and chronic diseases.
There are good messages also here now: the legislator has legally anchors simultaneously also the father-child-cure with the full financing of mother-child-measures 111a SGB V). The bill is already by the German Bundestag and by the Bundesrat approved become.

The cash register receives costs for father-child-cure

A clinic, that has offered already for two years father-child-cures with a men specific specialty draft, is the father-child-clinic field mountain. After a test of the medical necessity, the costs full are received of the legal health insurance.

Interested families can on the webpage www.vater-kind-kur.de or cost-free at the telephone from Monday to Friday at the time of 8 to 16 clocks

under the number 0800 / 2,23,23,73 inform themselves.


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