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Risk of tooth decay for children and mothers.

Missing teeth – an expensive joke. To prevent a situation like this daily mouth hygene is a necessity. Dentist Dr. med. dent. Marcus Engelschalk answers questions such as Are pregnant women exposed to the risk of tooth decay and when do small children need mouth hygene.

Do pregnant women need to adher to a specific tooth hygene?

Pregnant women, due to hormonal changes, have a stronger blood circulation in their gums, which slightly swell and bleed more easily. Medical experts call it Pregnancy–Gingivitis. This is why during this period women should refrain from using electric driven toothbrushes; instead, they should use soft toothbrushes for tooth hygene. Also, in this period formation of tooth spots increase. So, it would be wiser to get preventive treatment at a dentist every three months. Meanwhile, sides and between teeth should be cleaned by professionals. A paradontitis should be treated, if possible, after the pregnancy, because this gum disease might cause early birth. That is why the gyneacologist should be warned about a probable paradontitis.

When to start cleaning childre’s teeth and how should it be done?

Following the first tooth that comes out. Depending on how active the child is, the tooth should be cleaned either with a special dump cloth or should be brushed with a special toothbrush for children. If you show children that also their parents brush their teeth regularly, they will be willing to brush their teeth by themselves starting from the age of two. However, parents should check the result again.

As childresn’s toothpaste it is recommmended that those which contain as little florid as possible be used, because childresn take a daily tablet of vitamin D and florid as a measure to prevent rashitism. I would give an electric driven toothbrush to older children, meaning children over 8 years of age.

How can parents prevent their children from being afraid of dentists?

The most important thing is that parents should never treathen their children with a dentist. Parents need to take their children with them for their preventive dental checks. Then children will learn that it is a normal thing, their parents do not feel any pain and what is beeing done is not a bad thing.

A child should start his own dental appointments approximately at the age of two, meaning when all his first teeth have come out. Decays in the first teeth should definitely be treated, because the teeth just beneath them can already be infected. In addition, children’s dentists should approach especially children with games.


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