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A child’s dream

Playmates who especially have a positive effect on development

Only a small number of parents can stay away from this dabate. Buying an animal for the house mostly is related to the approach of the parents not to the dosage of the childish demand.

This is the outcome of a research by psychologist Prof. Dr. Reinhold Bergler of Bonn Üniversity Psychology Institute. Questions were asked to childresn and 150 mothers half of whome breed domestic animals. 95 % of those who breed domestic animals are sure that animals have a positive effect on their children. 53 % of mothers, who do not have their animals, are sure that an animal can make their children happy.

Playmates who have a positive effect on development

Parents want a playmate that can help them acquire a further sence of responcibility for their children. Almost all the experiences with animals were fine, positive expextations were met by 75 %, and even were exceded in 14 %. Only in 4 5 parents were disappointed.

However: Every one child out of five children lost their interest in time especially towards smaller animals. On the contrary children showd great interested in dogs and especially made close relationships.

Which one outweighs – adventages or disadventages?

While your child is at your neck with his greatest demand, you are doing thumb’s up or thumb’s down. Buti which one outhwaighs? Charly’s positive effect on your child’s development or the fact that you will be looking after the animal yourself, viruses that Charly will be carrying or allergy treaths?

Give yourself time to reach a decision. The more information you gather beforehand the lesser you will be surprised. And you should teach your child that in case of a "yes“, the pet will be brought to the house not for play and amusement only, instead this would bring together, a new set of rules and responsibilities.


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