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Mother at the age of 14

Abortions almost doubled in number in five years .Pregnancies and abortions of schoolgirls in Germany have been considerably increasing for the recent few years. According to a research by the Robert Koch Institute young people are being left alone about enlightenment.

In Germany in 2000, over 7.000 underaged girls gave birth to a baby. This figure is approximately 45 % higher compared to the year 1998. The number of girls who are younger than 14 at the time of birth has almost doubled increasing from 77 to 161.

Abortions almost doubled in number in five years

The number of abortions among young people have also increased dramatically: Increasing in a ratio of one in five betveen 2000 and 2001 alone it reached to 6909 from 5763. Again abortion among girls younger than 14 years of age has increased at the ratio of 20 % – in 2000 574 very young girls had had abortion, this figure was 696 in 2001. The figures of the Statistics Federal Bureau in Wiesbaden support this alarming trend: abortions below the age of 15, have increased exactly by 90 % between the years 1996 and 2001.

Puberty comes out obviously early

What are the reasons for the increase in pregnancies for very young women? Dr. Gisela Gille of Lüneburg who also is the head of "Doctors’ Organisation for Supporting Women’s Health “ (ÄGGF), in additition to other reasons for the increase, thinks that girls are reaching sexulal maturity much earlier. She says that in these countries girls are having their first periods approximately as early as twelve years old. Most of the girls reach sexual maturity even at the age of nine or ten she adds. According to the informatiin given by the Health Enlightenment Federal Center in 2001, one out of ten of 14-year-old girls and one out of four of 15-year-old girls have had sectual intercourse. "First step into sexuality is that, girls between 14 and 15 do not use protection in their first sexual intercourse.“ indicates Gisela Gille. Engaged gyneacologist, with her female colleagues at ÄGGF is visiting schools to better enlighten girls and boys.

In fact young people find themselves enlightened enough, but Robert Koch Enstitüsü (RKI) in Berlin, in the framework of a study conducted by the "Children’s and Teenagers’ Health" research group on 1911 schoolgirl and schoolboy a short time ago has certified that it is not the case. In fact teenagers are familiar with concepts such as "Dildo", "Treasom" and "Master". However when questioned about subjects such as protection and pregnancy 61 % of the girls in the sixth grade stated that they seldom or never talk about this subject in class. Despite this fact 38 % of them graded their knowledge between "good“ and "very good“.

Pragmatic peace with the pill

Fear of side-effect overshadow the subject of contraception – so fear 60 percent of the questioned girls a weight increase, almost the half an increased cancer risk. Almost two-thirds do not trust the security of the contraceptive. The girls fear yet more than the pill however the pregnancy. "Therefore close many girls a pragmatic peace with the pill", comments on Gille, "without ever over its worries and fears in detail speak to can." Thereto the social "success pressure" comes after the motto "all except me". The questioned girls appreciated the share of the age comrade that have already sex wrong, clearly more highly a than the actual quota determined in surveys.

Light at the horizon: Ärztinnen-use at the schools

The engagement of the ÄGGF at the German schools proves itself: the girls of the sixth classes improved its knowledge after the clarification conversations around 84 percent, the students of the ninth and tenth classes around 32 percent


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